Fight Club To Return As a Graphic Novel

How many of us are sick and tired of sequels and prequels that give audiences all the answers? Who cares how they built the Death Star? What’s so important about a construction team piecing it together in space? 

Dredd conquers home video

When a movie doesn’t take off in the theaters, there’s always hope it will find a second life on home video.

If David Fincher made Spider-Man

When the rights for Spider-Man finally untangled, many top directors were considered for the gig, including David Fincher, who was also up for a Batman movie after the franchise collapsed with Batman and Robin.

Unplugging: Country "doom rock" and Nine Inch Nails

Mark Zuckerberg is under 30 years old and reportedly worth somewhere around $18 billion. You jelly?

Florida mom busted in YouTube "Fight Club" scheme

A 39-year-old Florida mother has been arrested for child abuse after police identified the woman cheering on her teenage daughter during a prearranged fight that was filmed and uploaded to YouTube.

The Social Network teaser online

 David Fincher, the guy behind Se7en, Fight Club and Alien 3, is making a movie about Facebook. We can see the darkness of the theme, but how about decapitations?