Time Warner exec says you don't want gigabit internet

Time Warner Cable chief technology officer Irene Esteves has claimed that ordinary consumers don't want super-fast internet speeds.

Quantum cryptography demonstrated over existing fiber lines

Unbreakable quantum cryptography could become a mainstream reality, following the discovery that it's possible to use it over today's fiber networks.

Google rolls out super fast fiber

Google is rolling out ultra-high speed fiber in Kansas City.

 According to Mountain View rep Milo Medin, the service is 100 times faster than today's average broadband.

New fiber is tougher than Kevlar

Researchers at Northwestern University have nanoengineered a new kind of fiber that they say is tougher than Kevlar.

Google prepares to deploy high speed fiber networks

Google plans to build an ultra-high speed, fiber-based broadband network on California's Stanford University campus. Internet speeds are expected to hit a blazing 1 gigabit per second - more than 100 times faster than what most people have access to today.

Intel photonics link hits 50 Gbps

Intel researchers have developed a silicon-based, optical data connection prototype capable of transferring up to 50 gigabits per second.

Google launches site to track its fiber deployment

In case you hadn't heard, Google is working to bring ultra high-speed fiber optic networks to communities around the country. Now, you can track exactly where this project is making progress.

Google experiments with ultra high-speed broadband

Google has announced plans to build and test a number of ultra high-speed broadband networks across the United States.