Fermi data tantalizes with new clues to dark matter

A new study of gamma-ray light from the center of our galaxy makes the strongest case to date that some of this emission may arise from dark matter, an unknown substance making up most of the material universe.

NASA's Fermi makes first Gamma-ray study of a gravitational lens

An international team of astronomers, using NASA's Fermi observatory, has made the first-ever gamma-ray measurements of a gravitational lens, a kind of natural telescope formed when a rare cosmic alignment allows the gravity of a massive object to bend and amplify light from a more distant source.

NASA's Fermi celebrates 5 years in space, kicks off extended mission

During its five-year primary mission, NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope has given astronomers an increasingly detailed portrait of the universe's most extraordinary phenomena, from giant black holes in the hearts of distant galaxies to thunderstorms on Earth.

Fermi spots the shadows of the very first stars

Astronomers have measured the light from the very earliest stars, working out for the first time the total amount of light from all the stars that have ever shone.

New evidence claimed for dark matter

Physicists say they've found more evidence for the existence of dark matter, in the form of gamma rays emanating from the center of the galaxy.

March solar flare was strongest yet seen

The solar flare which erupted on March 7 was the most powerful eruption ever observed by Fermi's Large Area Telescope (LAT).

Nvidia showcases new Kepler-powered Tesla GPUs

Nvidia is showcasing two new Kepler-powered Tesla GPUs at its annual GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, California.

Dwarf galaxies reveal new insights on dark matter

Scientists have narrowed down the range in which dark matter could exist, thanks to a new analysis technique.

A closer look at Nvidia's Kepler GPU

Nvidia recently debuted its long-awaited Kepler GPU lineup, which is based on 28-nanometer (nm) process technology and succeeds the 40-nm Fermi.

Nvidia rolls out next-gen Kepler GPUs 

Nvidia has rolled out the first GPUs powered by its next-generation Kepler architecture, which is based on 28-nanometer (nm) process technology and succeeds the 40-nm Fermi.

Fermi telescope captures gamma-ray bursts

Detectable for only a few seconds but possessing enormous energy, gamma-ray bursts are notoriously difficult to capture as their energy does not penetrate the Earth's atmosphere. 

Nvidia goes dual-GPU with GTX 590

Nvidia has debuted its long-awaited GeForce GTX 590. The card - which targets "über" hardcore gamers - is powered by two Fermi-class GPUs on a single board.

Thunderstorms on Earth blast antimatter into space

Scientists have for the first time discovered that antimatter is regularly being produced on Earth - by thunderstorms.

Huge structure discovered at Milky Way's heart

NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope has discovered a massive structure spreading halfway across the Milky Way.

Nvidia fires up its GeForce GTX 580

Nvidia has debuted its long-awaited, Fermi-powered GeForce GTX 580. The graphics card - which was reengineered from the transistor-level up - offers significantly optimized performance for DX11 gaming.

Welcome to Nvidia’s Endless City

Welcome to Endless City! This gothic, film noir demo - which artfully blends computation and graphics - was created to showcase Fermi’s advanced tessellation capabilities.

AMD orders SWAT raid over Fermi "misunderstanding" 

Did AMD order SWAT commandos to raid a suburban household? 

Nvidia debuts $200 GeForce GTX 460

Nvidia has debuted its Fermi-class GeForce GTX 460 GPU at a sweet $200 price point.

Nvidia kicks off 3D PC revolution at Computex 2010

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang kicked off Computex 2010 with a keynote speech that highlighted the company's efforts to promote a 3D PC revolution.

Nvidia touts "world's fastest" notebook GPU

Nvidia has introduced a new Fermi-based GPU for notebooks that reportedly offers a 5X performance increase along with a dedicated Tessellation engine.