Team traces evolution from feathered dinosaurs into birds

The first wings on feathered dinosaurs were pretty useless, new research shows, meaning they'd have found it hard to take off and fly at low speeds.

First feathered dinosaurs found in North America

Feathered dinosaurs with something a lot like wings have for the first time been discovered in North America - but the feathers don't appear to have been used to aid flight.

Did all dinosaurs have feathers?

A new species of feathered dinosaur has been discovered - and it's not closely related to birds, indicating that feathers may have been far more prevalent amongst dinosaurs than previously believed.

T. rex cousin had 'shaggy' feathers

A newly-discovered dinosaur, a close relative of the Tyrannosaurus rex, has been discovered to have had feathers.

Dinosaur Microraptor had evolving feathers

The detailed feather pattern and color of Microraptor - a pigeon-sized, four-winged dinosaur that lived about 120 million years ago - once boasted a glossy iridescent sheen.

Colored dinosaur feathers found trapped in amber

A University of Alberta research team has discovered a remarkable collection of Cretaceous feathers trapped in tree resin.