Google founder's estranged wife up against the FDA

The outfit which brought the psychological genius Wilhelm Reich to an early grave, is now gunning for Anne Wojcicki, Sergey Brin's cuckquean.

Robot surgery faces legal hurdles

The future of robot surgery is becoming mired because the US legal system cannot work out who can be sued if something goes wrong or if doctors are getting enough training on the gear.

Medical equipment riddled with malware

Viruses and other malware are running rampant through medical technology, security experts have warned.

Almost all online pharmacies are dangerous, says FDA

The Food and Drug Administration has launched an awareness campaign to warn consumers that the vast majority of online pharmacies are offering counterfeit drugs.

FDA spied on doctors and scientists

The US Food and Drug Administration routinely monitored the personal e-mail of certain FDA scientists and doctors after they warned Congress the agency was approving risky medical devices.

Judge halts plans for graphic warnings on cigarette packs

A federal judge has blocked a move by the Food and Drug Administration to force tobacco companies to put graphic pictorial warnings on their packaging.

Medical iPhone app is FDA approved

The Food and Drug Administration has just made history as it approved a mobile phone app for the very first time. Doctors can now view CT scans and MRI images on their handheld knowing everything is medically accurate.

FDA set to do some buzzkilling with caffinated alcohol

United States government nannies are readying a ban that will kill the buzz of thousands of college students across the nation. We will soon be able to add caffeinated alcohol drinks to the list of things that that we do not have permission to consume.

FDA won’t allow complaints from medical scientists

Nine current and former scientists from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) medical device unit have filed complaints against the government agency related to the safety of medical devices. And for the second time these complaints have been thrown out by federal officials.

FDA is not going to make it easy to pick your fish

Is the Food and Drug Administration on a roll or what? If you’re a food supply baron, then the answer is a resounding yes!

Teens start buying creepy Lady Gaga contacts

It may just be the most unsettling fashion trend ever. Teenage girls have started importing something called "circle lenses" that make their eyes appear bigger, like an anime character. It's all thanks to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance music video.