DoJ approves Verizon/Comcast deal - with changes

The Department of Justice has approved Verizon's planned $3.9 billion acquisition of spectrum from Comcast, subject to conditions designed to safeguard competition.

ISPs now more truthful about broadband speeds

ISPs are delivering broadband speeds closer to those they advertise, and in many cases are even exceeding their claims, says the FCC.

Comcast ordered to market low-cost standalone internet service

Comcast has agreed to pay $800,000 to settle a complaint from the FCC that it failed to honor its agreement to offer standalone internet service to consumers when it took over NBC Universal.

Rogue Street View engineer is identified

Marius Milner may not be on the FBI's most wanted list, but his actions are causing just as much of a stir.

Street View engineer told managers about collecting payload data

Google has released a full version of the FCC's report into its gathering of personal data with Street View cars - revealing that the 'rogue engineer' who gathered the data told colleagues that he was doing so.

FCC fines Google over Street View probe delays

Google's had its knuckles rapped by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for being too slow to cooperate with an investigation into Street View's unlawful collection of data.

FCC database to track stolen phones

The Federal Communications Commission is hoping to drastically reduce cellphone theft with the introduction of a new, national database of phone IDs.

FCC to block LightSquared network

The FCC is set to ban LightSquared from going ahead with its proposed national wireless broadband network, following a government report concluding that it would interfere with navigation gear.

AT&T wins go-ahead for Qualcomm spectrum purchase

AT&T may have failed in its bid to take over T-Mobile, but it has at least gained regulatory approval for its purchase of wireless spectrum from Qualcomm.

FCC says Internet freedom under threat

Federal Communications Commissioner (FCC) Robert McDowell says Internet freedom is under threat by emerging global powers seeking a salient increase in government regulation.

Report: AT&T admits T-Mobile deal is unlikely

AT&T might finally realize it's time to wake up and smell the coffee - the carrier has reportedly been stepping down its efforts to push the T-Mobile buyout deal through.

Verizon sends 'Civil Emergency' text, incites fear

If you got a text message that was irrefutably sent directly from Verizon telling you to seek shelter immediately, what would you do?

FCC is not a fan of AT&T T-Mobile merger

It isn't a good thing when a government-sanctioned entity is criticizing a company over a decision that the government needs to approve.

AT&T and T-Mobile withdraw FCC merger application

AT&T and T-Mobile have abandoned attempts to seek approval for a merger from the Federal Communications Commission.

FCC comes out against AT&T merger with T-Mobile

The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Julius Genachowski, has said the proposed merger of AT&T and T-Mobile needs more scrutiny - the nearest the FCC can get to blocking the deal altogether.

FCC approves broadband subsidy plan

The Federal Communications Commission has given the go-ahead to plans to create a $4.5 billion internet fund aimed at improving the provision of broadband in rural areas.

Woman's $200,000 phone charge defines 'bill shock'

If the FCC ever needs another reason to prove that its new "anti-bill shock" initiative is necessary for consumers, it need look no further than Celina Aarons.

Carriers move to eliminate bill shock

The CTIA wireless association is today expected to announce new billing practices designed to help consumers avoid 'bill shock'.

FCC teams up with Best Buy

The FCC has chosen Best Buy as its partner in a new attempt to bring computer literacy and training to Americas across the country.

FCC plans to shift rural phone subsidies to support broadband instead

FCC chairman Julius Genachowski has outlined a plan to improve rural broadband services by overhauling the Universal Service Fund.