FBI raids actor's apartment after Pirate Bay uploads

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently raided the apartment of a Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) member suspected of uploading a number of pre-release screeners to the Pirate Bay.

FBI in online poker crackdown

The FBI has seized the domains of four popular online poker websites - PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, UB.com and Absolute Poker - claiming bank fraud, money laundering and illegal gambling offenses.

Spooks hunt for terrorists in WoW

Imagine resting comfortably in your college apartment or dorm only to have the FBI storm in and interrogate you about World of Warcraft.

Justice Department targets international botnet

The U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are taking steps to down a nefarious international botnet.

"Hottel memo" Alien hoax reappears online after 60 years

It seems like some people will believe almost anything as they continue to pursue the so-called "truth" behind Area 51.

Russian spies sue FBI over confiscated gear

Two deported (and obviously clueless) Russian spies are demanding the immediate return of personal property confiscated by the FBI during an espionage investigation in 2010.

Vanessa Hudgens enlists FBI in hunt for nude pic hackers

When nudie pics and videos were released of the once goody-goody "High School Music" star Vanessa Hudgens, fans worldwide were shocked and amazed. The source? A hacked Gmail account.

FBI crime report highlights trends in Internet fraud

The recently published FBI 2010 Internet Crime Report reveals that the most common types of Internet crimes last year were non-delivery of payment or merchandise, impersonating the FBI, and identity theft.

FBI insists it doesn't need digital backdoors

FBI general counsel Valerie Caproni recently told a congressional committee the bureau isn't attempting to restrict encryption protocols without integrated back doors that can be accessed by law enforcement officials.

Fringe on the fringe

As fans of sci-fi television, we must perpetually worry that our favorite stories are going to end suddenly and nonsensically. Any time a season comes to an end, there is a very good chance that it won’t come back, and especially if there have recently been changes to the writing staff, management, timeslot, network executive whim, or astral positioning.

Anonymous preps for legal warfare

The Internet activist group known as Anonymous is preparing to defend a number of its members as a federal grand jury moves to consider evidence collected by the FBI during recent raids.

Anonymous hits firm helping FBI investigation

The Anonymous group of cyber-attackers yesterday hit the website of a small Washington security firm, in revenge for an attempt by the company to give Anonymous' supporters' details to the FBI.

FBI accused of committing 40,000 civil liberty violations

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) believes the FBI may have compromised American civil liberties far more frequently than previously assumed in our post 9/11 world.

FBI hunts Anonymous activists

The FBI is currently conducting a investigatory sweep of at least 40 cyber activists suspected of participating in retaliatory DDoS attacks under the auspices of Anonymous.

FBI agents gone wild: Porn, sex tapes and strippers

How do you like them tax dollars at work? Yeah, I mean the same cash that funded extracurricular activities for rogue FBI agents, like watching porn, "checking up" on exotic dancers and visiting strip clubs.

FBI launches Anonymous crackdown

FBI agents participating in a crackdown against Anonymous activists have confiscated computer equipment and copied data from at least two businesses.

Domestic spy network tracks US citizens

The US government is currently in the process of refining an extensive domestic spy network that collects, stores and analyzes data about thousands of American citizens and residents.

FBI identifies "Mega-D" botnet creator

The FBI is reportedly investigating a Russian man suspected of creating the nefarious "Mega-D" botnet, which infected more than 500,000 computers and sent an average of ten billion spam e-mails per day.

Feds initiate probe of Anonymous DDoS attacks

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is currently probing a slew of DDoS attacks executed by cyber activists associated with Anonymous.

FBI tracks California student with outdated spy gear

It seems as if the FBI has been caught tracking a California student with outdated spy gear.