New fast and furious black hole found

A team of Australian and American astronomers have been studying nearby galaxy M83 and have found a new superpowered small black hole, named MQ1, the first object of its kind to be studied in this much detail.

Classic Jet Li Flick to Be Remade By Fast and Furious Helmer

Shaolin Temple was the 1982 debut of kung fu sensation Jet Li, and big surprise, it’s slated to be remade. Another big shocker, it’s going to be made in 3D, and Justin Lin, helmer behind several Fast and Furious movies, will make the reboot in China, in mandarin language no less.

The inner child of Fast and Furious

This summer, there was an absolutely hilarious skit making the rounds on the 'Net. It's an interview with the "screenwriter" of the latest Fast and Furious movie, but then we see it's actually a five-year-old kid.