Tiny company sues Zynga for patent infringement

Agincourt Gaming, a company that has just entered the social gaming space, is looking to take down its biggest competitor.

Zynga's Words with Friends hitting Facebook

Game publisher Zynga, which rose to rockstar status after it released the Facebook adventure Farmville, has just announced its latest social offering.

Yes, games are on the horizon for Google+

Social games like Farmville and Mafia Wars may have been born into the Facebook revolution, but it seems as if similar titles will be a major part of Google+ as well. 

Zynga launches its 'most social game' yet

Zynga, the video game maker most known for its Facebook game Farmville, has just launched an ambitious new title.

Mobile gaming market booming thanks to iPhone & Facebook

Online gaming is bigger than ever thanks to Facebook and mobile devices like Apple's iPhone.  

Lady Gaga + Zynga = Love Game

"Let's play a love game, play a love game. Zynga, do you want love? I wanna take a ride on your in-game ad."

Farmville fans sought for real-life project

Britain's National Trust - which looks after buildings and other sites of historical interest - is seeking Farmville players who want to put their gaming experience to good use.

Zynga implements "RewardVille" to further addict players

If you’ve gotten updates on your Facebook wall about the brown cow you friend just earned, then you are familiar with Zynga’s hit game, Farmville.

Cityville surpasses Farmville

Zynga's new game Cityville has become the most popular Facebook game to date, surpassing its own game Farmville in the process.

Zynga acquires small developer Newtoy

Having conquered the social gaming industry, Zynga is constantly looking to expand and has bought out a small mobile game developer called Newtoy.

Zynga goes for the urban life with launch of CityVille

Let's face it, raising chickens isn't everybody's cup of tea, which is why Zynga has decided to try and appeal to more urban Facebook users with the launch of a new game, CityVille.

Zynga friends Android, promises social mobile games

After a successful stint with its iPhone presence, social gaming giant Zynga has confirmed support for the Google mobile operating system.

Farmville invades iPad

Fresh on the heels of a class-action lawsuit being filed against it, social games publisher Zynga has launched an iPad version of its mega hit Farmville.

Zynga faces class-action privacy-centric lawsuit

Privacy issues really are the new black, and Facebook is the most fashionable of the bunch. There's a brand new class-action lawsuit against social games publisher Zynga over claims it unlawfully shares private user data through Facebook.

Does Facebook care about your privacy?

Mark Zuckerberg’s social networking monster Facebook is back in the negativity spotlight once again. More questionable privacy practices have people wondering if Facebook can ever be trusted with users’ personally identifiable information.

Facebook apps leaking user data, says report

Many of Facebook's most popular apps are sharing user data with third parties, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Microsoft sees game consoles in the 21st century workplace

Farmville. Halo. Zelda. These are all words that are ingrained in the lexicon of today's working class. Will that change the landscape of the workplace environment? Microsoft says maybe.

Are hardcore gamers snobby and elitist?

We all know that hardcore gamers are serious about their rigs and dedication to the geek genre. But are they also a snobby and elitist bunch with little tolerance for social or casual gamers?

Facebook gift cards coming to Target

Are you stuck trying to figure out what to get that special person as a birthday present? How about a Facebook gift card!

Google Slides into home plate with social gaming acquisition

In what is by far the biggest move from Google into online gaming, the search giant has reportedly agreed to pay $182 million to acquire social game developer Slide.