Fantastic Four Casting Closing In on Doctor Doom

The Fantastic Four reboot is up and running, and the current cast includes Kate Mara, Jamie Bell, Miles Teller, and Michael B. Jordan. There’s still one important piece of casting that needs to be in place, and that’s of course Doctor Doom.

Fantastic Four, Terminator: Genesis, Gotham Casting News

Right now, there’s a number of major genre properties that are finalizing their casting. Star Wars, of course, is the big daddy, but there’s no official word on that one just yet. There is, however, finally official news on Terminator: Genesis, The Fantastic Four, and the TV show Gotham. 

Fantastic Four Casting Soon to Be Finalized

As we reported previously on TGD, The Fantastic Four reboot is coming together quickly at Fox for a June 19, 2105 release, and casting is quickly coming together. We knew the film would be coming together pretty fast, and apparently it’s going to start shooting this March.

False Alarm: X-Men Will Not Battle the Fantastic Four

Okay, Batman Vs Superman is silly enough, but if there’s any truth to this, it’s taking things way too far. Yes, there is a “report,” which means it has been reported but not confirmed, that there could be a Fantastic Four Vs X-Men movie, a development that had to be inspired by Batman Vs Superman.

Who Will Play the Fantastic Four?

The reboot of the Fantastic Four is apparently up and running, and speculation has been hitting the net as to who’s going to play who. Josh Trank, director of Chronicle is directing, and Fox is hoping for a March 6, 2015 release date.

Trank eyes Fantastic Four reboot

Among the many great things we can say about The Avengers, one of the biggest is it finally did The Hulk justice on the big screen.

Fox hires Marvel consultant to keep films in line

20th Century Fox has brought on comics writer Mark Millar as a creative consultant to its Marvel properties.

Is The Falcon joining Captain America?

We recently ran a report about superhero equality, discussing such characters as The Black Panther who was first introduced in The Fantastic Four. 

Trank makes impression with Chronicle, may direct Fantastic Four reboot

20th Century Fox’s reboot of the Fantastic Four film franchise has long been in development.

What is going on with the Fantastic Four?

For the last few weeks, Marvel has been teasing that something will be happening with the Fantastic Four/Future Foundation characters in November.

Marvel season one titles and release dates announced

Marvel has announced the lineup for its upcoming season one series.

On the old and the new in Fantastic Four

FF #1 is out, and while fun for fans, it doesn’t look like enough has changed to pull in new readers for more than a couple issues.

Spiderman gets a makeover

A surprising announcement comes from the Marvel comics universe this week, as fans discover the fate of one of the longest running, least messed with comic franchises in history, the Fantastic Four. The news actually began months ago, when Marvel revealed that one of the members of the Fantastic four would soon be killed.