Dellums may reprise Three Dog role in upcoming Fallout production

Rumors fly after actor’s announcement.

State Department details WikiLeaks fallout

The US State Department has detailed a number of "extraordinary steps" taken to limit international fallout after thousands of classified documents were published on WikiLeaks. 

EA peddles $100 Need for Speed car

Does anyone remember the good old days when Electronic Arts (EA) actually made really cool games and didn't try to appeal to the lowest common denominator?

Stock and Trade: Vault-Tec

Often when the protagonist of a speculative narrative must struggle against an unfeeling world, that world is represented by a faceless conglomerate, so in Stock and Trade, our latest genre fiction feature series, we’re looking at fictional corporations. Today, we’re featuring Vault-Tec.

Fallout: New Vegas DLC gets exclusive on Xbox 360

Microsoft has yet again paid money to keep third-party content in its court

Bethesda and (sort of) rival team up for new fantasy game

Bethesda Softworks has announced it is working on a new fantasy role-playing game with a studio called inXile Entertainment...and there might be some drama behind the scenes due to a heated lawsuit.