Why lithium-ion-batteries fail

Lithium-ion batteries are in our cellphones, laptops, and digital cameras. Few portable electronic devices exist that do not rely on these energy sources. Currently battery electrodes contain active materials known as intercalation compounds.

Report: Stress a key factor in causing bee colonies to fail

Scientists from Royal Holloway University have found that when bees are exposed to low levels of neonicotinoid pesticides - which do not directly kill bees - their behaviour changes and they stop working properly for their colonies. The results showed that exposure to pesticides at levels bees encounter in the field, has subtle impacts on individual bees, and can eventually make colonies fail.

Claim: Bitcoin exchanges less likely to fail, but more likely to suffer breach

Online exchanges that trade hard currency for Bitcoin reportedly have a 45 percent chance of failing - often taking their customers’ money with them. The above-mentioned claim is based on a new computer science study that applied survival analysis to examine the factors that prompt Bitcoin currency exchanges to close.

MythBusters in massive cannonball fail

A "Mythbusters" TV experiment went horribly wrong when a cast iron cannonball hit two California homes before landing inside a minivan.

Study: US biofuels policy a fail

The U.S. government has thrown billions of dollars in support behind the biofuels industry, in the form of mandates and loan guarantees (and, again, here), in the hopes of weaning the country off foreign oil and cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Yankees leak private info of 17,000 fans in epic email fail

In an epic fail, a Yankees employee accidently emailed the private information of not one, not two, but 17,000 season-ticket holders to hundreds of people.

Motorola Xoom in epic Flash fail

So let me understand this. Motorola wants to take on Apple’s wildly popular iPad with an overpriced $800 tablet that won’t initially support Adobe Flash. Does Motorola think we are all suckers?