These glasses thwart facial recognition software

Two researchers in Japan have designed what just may be the world's ugliest pair of glasses to prevent facial recognition software from accurately identifying the wearer.

FTC issues guidelines for facial recognition

The FTC has released a set of guidelines for companies using facial recognition technologies in a gentle warning that nevertheless goes too far for one commission member.

Facebook turns off facial recognition in Europe

Facebook has shuttered its facial recognition feature in Europe, following last year's report from the Irish Data Protection Commissioner.

Germany re-examines Facebook facial recognition

German data protection officials are taking another look at Facebook's use of photo recognition.

Facial recognition coming to a smartphone near you

Facial recognition for the masses was once relegated to the pages of science fiction novels and futuristic dystopian worlds shown on the big screen.

Facebook buys facial recognition company

After weeks of rumors, Facebook has acquired Israeli facial recognition company, in a move aimed at bolstering the company's mobile capabilities.

App grabs personal data using facial recognition

Carnegie Mellon University researchers say they can identify strangers on the internet using just one photo - and even predict part of their social security number.

Can criminals use Facebook to guess your SSN?

Facebook received some pretty heavy negative backlash after the social networking site rolled out its facial recognition photo tagging system worldwide in June.

Google snaps up facial recognition firm

Despite repeated protestations that it has no interest in facial recognition technology, Google has bought Pittsburgh-based pattern recognition company PittPatt.

Facebook traffic drops in North America

Facebook reached a major milestone this month, with the number of active users hitting approximately 687 million. 

Facebook rolls out facial recognition for all

There are billions of photographs floating around Facebook that could potentially be tagged with your name.

Facial recognition vending machine outs your unhealthy eating habits

It's 4 pm. You're craving a candy bar, but you don't really want anyone to know that you have an addiction to Snickers. So, you visit the vending machine on the 3rd floor of your office building.

Facebook introduces facial recognition

Facebook's improved its photo-tagging capability with a new facial recognition feature that suggests names every time a photo is uploaded.

Software searches for faces online

A new program will soon be released which can scan social networks for pictures of particular individuals.

Lock down your Android with Biometric security

Blue Planet Apps is expected to introduce a beta version of its Biometric security utility for Android smartphones within the next two weeks.

Google still has hopes for facial recognition

Google is reportedly discussing how it can get away with introducing facial recognition technology in the light of increasing criticism over its privacy policies.