IPO reveals state of Facebook's finances

Facebook has, as expected, announced its plans for a public offering in what's expected to be the biggest-ever sale of internet company shares.

Buck up and stop whingeing on Facebook

People with low self-esteem tend to make themselves pretty unlikeable on Facebook, new research shows.

Facebook IPO filing may come today

Facebook is today expected to announce plans to go public, in a flotation expected to value the company at an almost unimaginable $100 billion.

Angry Birds flies to Facebook

It's hard to believe Angry Birds hasn't made its way to Facebook yet, but the time has finally come.

Almost nobody wants Facebook Timeline

Only one in twelve Facebook users is in favor of the company's Timeline feature, shortly to become compulsory for all.

FBI wants to scrape Twitter worldwide

The FBI is considering continuously monitoring all social media sites on a global basis, and is looking for help.

Facebook and Washington state go after alleged clickjackers

Washington state and Facebook are suing a Delaware company for 'clickjacking' and other spam-spreading tactics.

George Hotz leaves Facebook, loses hack contest

In less than a year, famed PS3 hacker George Hotz has gone from trending news topic to the "Where Are They Now?" files.

Google+ rivals create 'Don't Be Evil' add-on

Engineers from Facebook, Twitter and MySpace have created a browser add-on that they say cancels the effects of Google's bias towards Google+ results.

Facebook used to weed out potential hires

I'm quite sure most of us have friends on Facebook and other social networking sites like Twitter that we are only somewhat distantly familiar with or perhaps don't really even know at all. 

Angry Brides highlights dowry demands

Dowries have been illegal in India for half a century, but they're still very much part of life. Even now, women are frequently murdered - often by burning - for bringing too little with them when they marry.

China now has 500+ million online users

There has been an enormous explosion in the number of Chinese citizens who now have access to the Internet.

Words With Friends saves man's life

An Australian man is thanking the addictive game Words With Friends for leading him to a life-saving doctor's visit.

DHS steps up Internet monitoring

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is now "monitoring" a number of popular websites, including Facebook, Twitter, WikiLeaks, the HuffPo, Drudge, JihadWatch and Wired Danger Room.

Legislators question Facebook over tracking patent

Anyone who follows the tech world knows many granted patents are for software, hardware or methods that will never actually come to market.

Terrorists recruiting through Facebook, prof claims

Be careful who you friend: an Israeli researcher is claiming that international terrorist organizations are increasingly focusing on social media as a way of drumming up support.

Ramnit worm steals 45,000 Facebook logins

Fraudsters appear to have reengineered a worm first discovered two years ago to steal the names and logins of over 45,000 Facebook users.

There are 300 million mobile Facebook users

So not only is Facebook one of the most popular sites to visit from your computer, it's also got just about the highest penetration rate among mobile users.

Massive phishing scam targets Apple users

A plausible phishing scam is making the rounds, aimed at Apple customers, particularly those who have just received a gadget for Christmas.

Report: Hackers may target Stratfor supporters

A US-based security think tank that recently fell victim to a hack and extract attack is warning subscribers they may be targeted by cyber criminals for voicing their support on Facebook.