Senators demand probe into bosses' Facebook password requests

Two US senators are demanding an investigation into allegations that many employers are ordering staff and job applicants to hand over their Facebook passwords.

No Facebook password for you!

A major controversy has erupted over recent reports that a growing number of employers are demanding potential hires turn over Facebook passwords to HR reps.

Employers demand Facebook passwords from potential hires

Reports seem to indicate that more and more employers are requiring potential hires to turn over Facebook passwords - if they wish to be considered for open positions.

Hacking legend George Hotz arrested for marijuana

He was able to break crack the iPhone without consequence and survived a David-vs-Goliath battle with Sony, but now there's something that has defeated him.

Facebook's technology's all ours, says Yahoo

Yahoo's suing Facebook over a series of patents, claiming the entire company is built on its technology.

Fake Facebook account used to target NATO commander

Chinese spies created a fake Facebook profile of US Navy admiral James Stavridis and used it to cosy up to his colleagues around the world.

Zuckerberg doesn't quite make world's richest list

Mark Zuckerberg hasn't qualified as one of the richest men in the world, but we're sure he's not too upset about it.

Zynga launches own gaming platform

Zynga is launching its own website where users can play its social games without having to go through Facebook, in a move that could have a noticeable effect on Facebook's bottom line.

As facebook IPO looms, Yahoo picks patent fight

Yahoo's reportedly threatening to take legal action unless Facebook starts paying patent licensing fees for several different technologies.

Google integrates Google+ and Google Voice

Google has integrated its new social networking platform with its voice-over IP service.

Facebook profiles predict job success

Next time you're hiring, forget personality tests - just check out the applicant's Facebook profile instead. It's not just a good way of evaluating candidates, it seems, it's actually one of the best.

Facebook censorship rulebook leaked

A disgruntled agency worker has revealed Facebook's rules for blocking offensive content - and while 'crushed heads' are fine, female nipples aren't.

British Facebook hacker sentenced to eight months in prison

We all know crime doesn't pay, but sometimes hacking does pay.

Major retailers pulling Facebook stores

In a world that is usually full of glitz and glamor, Facebook has its failures as well.

Facebook to launch Timeline for brands

When Facebook rolled out Timeline to its users around the world, some embraced the change, but many complained.

Twitter scrutinized for storing contact info

If you know someone who has a Twitter account, chances are your contact info is on the site's servers, even if you've never been to

Angry Birds now on Facebook

As promised, the mega popular casual game Angry Birds has made its way to Facebook for the first time.

Facebook mobile ads are on the way

Before too long, if you want to update your status on-the-go you may be subject to a new advertising platform.

India gets tough over 'objectionable' content

Running out of patience, an Indian court has given Google, Facebook and other internet companies just 15 more days to remove 'objectionable' content - although the companies say they've already done all they can.

The accidental Facebook millionaires

A lucky graffiti artist is set to become a millionaire when Facebook goes public this spring.