Facebook IPO valuation falls short of $100 billion - for now

Facebook's valuation for its forthcoming IPO will be about $90 billion, rather than the rumored $100 billion - but it'll still be the biggest-ever internet company IPO, raising around $10 or $11 billion.

Athletes sue Samsung over Olympic app

You might find it interesting to discover just how closely you're linked to Olympic athletes Mark Spitz and Janet Evans - but they're not so keen to get closer to you.

Facebook offers free anti-virus

Facebook's struck a deal with five major security vendors allowing it to offer their anti-virus products for free.

'The Avengers' to spawn video game franchise

Put an entire team of class-A superheroes together, and you get more than just a video game.

Parent sues Facebook in class-action Credits case

A mom is suing Facebook on behalf of all parents whose children have racked up credit card charges without their knowledge.

Free tool reveals all about Facebook app privacy

For those bewildered by the privacy issues surrounding Facebook apps - and let's face it, who isn't? - there's a new FCC-endorsed service available to rate them.

Twitter eyed Instagram before Facebook: report

It's being reported that Twitter also had eyes on the social platform that was recently acquired for $1 billion.

Facebook opens up more user data

Facebook has today improved users' ability to see what information the company is holding about them - but hasn't gone far enough, according to privacy campaigners.

New company promises 'console quality' Facebook games

A company called Gaikai is endeavoring to take Facebook gaming to the next level.

Facebook acquires Instagram for a cool $1 billion

Facebook has announced that it is acquiring Instagram for a cool $1 billion in cash and shares.

Pinterest overthrows LinkedIn, Google+

In just a few short months, a new name in social media has taken everyone by storm.

Draw Something becomes fastest-growing mobile game

Zynga gets to add a new record to its mantle, but this time it's only because it bought the company that created it.

Facebook counter-sues Yahoo over patents

Following Yahoo's lawsuit against Facebook last month, Facebook's gone on the counter-attack.

Facebook app gets retina graphics for new iPad

If you have a new iPad and frequent Facebook, you'll probably want to download the new Facebook app because it's been updated specifically for you.

Employee sues after being asked to provide Facebook credentials

We all knew it was only a matter of time.

Facebook charges over $700k for logout ad bundles

I'm not really a heavy user of Facebook, but I do browse the social networking site often enough that I don't feel the need to logout after every session.

Facebook linked to poor body image

Facebook is making people even more unhappy about their bodies and may be helping fuel a rise in eating disorders, a new study claims.

Republicans sink Facebook snooping legislation

House Republicans yesterday voted down an amendment that would have made it illegal for employers to ask job applicants for their Facebook passwords.

Netflix frustrated over Facebook app legality

Netflix is frustrated that it's still illegal to release its Facebook app in the US.

Facebook claims emails disprove Ceglia ownership claims

Facebook is asking a federal judge to throw out the lawsuit by Paul Ceglia claiming that he's entitled to half of the company.