Towing company sues Facebook user for $750,000

After a 21-year-old college student created a Facebook group to complain about T&J Towing, the towing company filed a lawsuit against him for $750,000.

Facebook acknowledges privacy snafu

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has acknowledged the popular social networking site "missed the mark" by introducing overly "complex" privacy controls.

Togetherville: bringing children to social networking

When it comes to social networking, Facebook pretty much has a stronghold on everything...well, except for the young ones out there who cannot sign up due to the site's age restriction. Enter, a new social networking site that launched its beta version this week. It allows the little tykes out there to have their very first social networking account, with parents required to sign up as a supervisor on the account.

The Internets v. Radical Islam

Everybody Draw Muhammad Day. Pakistan bans YouTube and Facebook. Reviews of Four Lions. Death to us!

iPhone users most likely to make embarrassing Facebook posts

iPhone users are an impulsive lot - they're nearly twice as likely to have regretted making a Facebook post as the population at large.

Myspace: "We respect our users' privacy"

People are running away from Facebook as though it was just infected with a zombie virus or something. Analysts are saying that user privacy is becoming less and less of a concern, and Mark Zuckerberg is doing nothing to calm everyone down. There's just no winner in a situation like this. Oh wait...

How to Protect Your Privacy on Facebook (Video)

 Respects to Lauren Weinstein. We don't often do How To videos, but this one is mandated.

Film portrays Facebook founder as 'borderline-autistic conniver'

Oh dear, oh dear. Just 18 months ago Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was one of Forbes' top ten billionaire bachelors; now, according to a new film, he's a mean-minded, nerdy sex maniac.

FacebookSearch collates embarrassing Facebook posts

A new site highlights Facebook's privacy failings by letting users search automatically for embarrassing posts.

Facebook adds new security features as pressure grows over privacy

Facebook has added two new security features. They don't do anything more to keep users' personal information safe, but they do make it harder for scammers to exploit any information they get hold of.

RIM wants to know what you love

Surely this is asking for trouble: RIM has announced plans to create a BlackBerry two storeys high, and wants the public to send it messages for display.

Facebook scrutinizes privacy policy in all-hands meeting

Mark Zuckerberg has called an all-hands meeting at 4PM PST to discuss Facebook's current privacy policy. 

Europeans slam Facebook over privacy policy

A European group known as the "Article 29 Working Party" has harshly criticized Facebook for its recent decision to alter the site's data privacy policy.

Google Maps Android update adds location-sharing, bike routes

Google has just pushed out its latest update to the Android version of Google Maps, which adds a slew of new functionality including the ability to instantly post location info to social networking sites.

Motorola Flips Out with new Android smartphone

Motorola is reportedly preparing to launch an Android-powered smartphone with a "flip-around" display in June 2010.

Most social network users court cybercrime, says report

The majority of social network users are posting risky information, according to Consumer Reports' latest survey.

New company streamlines embedding video games

Video game publishers can now embed content on blogs, social media sites, or any other Web site as easily as posting an image or Youtube video, thanks to a new company called InstantAction.

Civilization creator gives thumbs-up to social gaming

Civilization creator Sid Meier has given the thumbs-up to social gaming by describing the genre as an exciting "new frontier."

Skyfire unlocks Flash video for Android

Skyfire has launched the first Flash video enabled mobile browser for Android-powered devices. 

Amazon goes social with new Kindle update

Amazon has confirmed that its upcoming Kindle software update will allow users to share book passages with friends on Facebook and Twitter "directly" from the device.