Facebook downs 'Boycott BP' page - by accident, it says

BP says it had nothing to do with the sudden removal of a 'Boycott BP' page from Facebook - it was all Facebook's fault, it says.

Facebook wants credits, not dollars

Facebook and social game developer CrowdStar have signed a potentially lucrative deal for the exclusive use of Credits as a virtual currency.

The Social Network teaser online

 David Fincher, the guy behind Se7en, Fight Club and Alien 3, is making a movie about Facebook. We can see the darkness of the theme, but how about decapitations?

Farmville comes to the iPhone

When the world's most popular social media game meets the world's most popular mobile phone, you can't help but feel the synergy.

All Web, all the time

Best Buy is touting a $170 Internet media display that offers quick access to Pandora, Facebook, Photobucket and the Weather Channel.

US public still trusts Google

People trust Apple more than Facebook, and Google more than Twitter, according to a poll from Zogby Interactive.

Is Facebook working on God 2.0?

Judging by its marketing, the Internet's most popular site is curing all ills and helping mankind achieve a state of enlightenment, naked on the Internet.

Teenagers hate their parents...On Facebook

Are you the parent of an angry teenager who dresses in black, listens to the Cure and thinks Homo sapiens have outgrown their use?

Social networking boosts mobile app use

Social networking sites such as Facebook have contributed to a staggering increase in the number of mobile app users.

Yahoo improves Facebook links

Yahoo has increased its integration with Facebook, allowing users to view their Facebook news feed on Yahoo Mail and the Yahoo home page.

Paternity order served via Facebook

There really is very little need for real life meeting any more. You can meet a man on Facebook, get dumped on Facebook... and serve the order for a paternity test on Facebook.

Social networking mobile app usage explodes by 240%

There are nearly two-and-a-half times as many people using mobile Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace apps than there were last year, confirming it as the dominatingly largest growth area for the industry.

Facebook 'clickjacking' traps hundreds of thousands of users

We really hope that if a Facebook friend of yours said they 'liked' a link labeled 'Justin Bieber's phone number', you wouldn't be tempted to click on it.

Games are the most popular mobile apps

As if there was ever any doubt! Yes, a recent survey published by Nielsen confirms what we already suspected: games are the most downloaded apps on mobile devices.

"Clickjacking" worm infects Facebook

Security expert, Graham Cluley, discovers social-engineering trick that has attacked hundreds of thousands on Facebook.

Quit Facebook Day set to be a flop

Only two percent of US Facebook users plan to delete their accounts today as a result of the 'Quit Facebook Day on May 31' campaign.

Play a game, do a line of coke

An obviously confused UK counselor and therapist has compared playing a two-hour game to snorting a line of cocaine.

Pakistanis launch home-grown version of Facebook

Pakistanis unable to deal with the sea of filth and blasphemy that is Facebook have created their own alternative.

Acer debuts Snapdragon-powered Stream

Acer has debuted an Android 2.1-based smartphone that is powered by a 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor, 512 MB of RAM and a 3.7″ WVGA AMOLED display.

Facebook critics give cautious welcome to new privacy controls

Facebook has revealed the outcome of all those secret meetings over the last couple of weeks - new privacy controls. Now, there's a surprise.