Facebook reports jump in mobile ad revenue

Facebook appears to be succeeding in its push into mobile advertising, with mobile ads accounting for nearly a quarter of its overall ad revenue.

Google and Facebook ramp up lobbying spend

Google and Facebook are pouring money into Washington, spending record amounts on lobbying last year.

Facebook gives iOS users free US voice calls

It seems that Facebook's test in Canada of free voice calls for iOS users has been a success, with the company now tipped to roll the feature out in the US.

Facebook posts are more memorable than faces

Facebook posts are easier to remember than books or even faces - so much so that the difference in memory between posts and printed words is as big as the difference between normal people and amnesiacs.

Facebook launches Graph Search: will it compete with Google?

Facebook's launched its long-trailed social search service, allowing users of the site to answer queries such as 'which restaurants do my friends like?'

Does Facebook make you weak-willed?

Beware: using Facebook can make you eat more and get into debt - but still feel really pleased with yourself, researchers say.

$100 fee lets you tell Zuckerberg what you think of him

If you want to give Mark Zuckerberg your opinion on Facebook's new paid messaging service - or anything else - it could cost you $100.

Netflix-Facebook sharing bill signed into law

President Obama has signed a bill allowing Facebook users to automatically share which Netflix videos they've been watching.

Facebook tests free Messenger voice calls

Facebook is testing a feature in Canada allowing iOS users to make voice calls over Wifi or a cellular connection using its Messenger app.

Facebook flaw reveals NYE messages

Getting hundreds of spam Facebook messages wishing you a happy New Year would  be annoying enough - how much worse if the contents of those messages are public?

Instagram sued over new terms of service

Instagram has been hit with a class-action lawsuit following its decision to change its terms of service.

Randi Zuckerberg caught out by Facebook privacy settings

You've got to appreciate the irony: Randi Zuckerberg, sister of Mark and a former director of Facebook, is all of a twitter over what she sees as a breach of privacy.

Facebook tests paid messaging service

Facebook's testing a new feature whereby users can pay $1 to message non-friends and have their message routed directly to the recipient's inbox.

Report: Instagram CEO misled regulators about offer from Twitter

Just weeks before accepting a $1bn offer from Facebook, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom agreed to sell the company to Twitter - but then changed his mind, according to a report.

Instagram disables Twitter photo integration

Facebook-owned Instagram has disabled a feature that allowed Twitter users to view full versions of photos on the social network. Without Twitter Cards, pictures now appear distorted or cropped.

Europe v Facebook to launch legal challenge

Privacy campaign group Europe v Facebook has announced plans to challenge the Irish data protection authority over its findings on Facebook's data collection practices.

Rumor: Facebook to buy messaging service WhatsApp

Bringing together two services beloved by every teenager, Facebook may be about to buy messaging service Whatsapp.

Zynga and Facebook scrap partnership deal

Zynga is loosening its ties with Facebook, opening the possibility that Facebook could start developing its own games.

Are all your Facebook friends stressing you out?

Having heaps of Facebook friends may make you look popular, but is actually a source of stress, researchers say.

Facebook policy changes come under fire

Two US privacy groups are calling on Facebook to scrap its plans to do away with user votes on policy changes.