Could online gaming power Google's social networking platform?

Google is reportedly building a social networking service that could potentially pose a serious challenge to Facebook. Although little is known about the platform, it seems likely that online gaming will play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of "Google Me."

Amazon taps into Facebook data for product recommendations

Amazon has launched a new service which suggests purchases to users based on the preferences of their Facebook friends.

Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook contract was forged

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has officially disputed claims that he signed away a majority stake of his $25 billion dollar company to the owner of a wood-pellet fuel store in upstate New York. 

Some girls just don't grok privacy on Facebook

Inside Network has concluded that fifty percent of Facebook's young female members are utterly incapable of managing their privacy settings.

Facebook CEO calls shenanigans on ownership claim

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says that claims by a New York man that he is entitled to an 84% ownership of the social networking site are completely baseless.

Facebook claims half a billion members

The popular social networking site known as Facebook has achieved yet another significant milestone: 500 million members.

Facebook less popular than filing a tax return

People may be using Facebook more than ever before, but that doesn't mean they like it.

Facebook reaches a staggering 500 million users

There are now more Facebook user accounts than there are Windows 7 licenses, people in the United States, and the number of daily Twitter posts, combined!

Jolicloud adopts HTML5 interface

Jolicloud has adopted an HTML5 user interface for version 1.0 of its netbook-friendly operating system.

Microsoft Outlook hella loves Facebook

Corporate American drones may become slightly more sociable with a new Microsoft Outlook update that offers seamless integration with Facebook and Windows Live Messenger.

Facebook assets frozen as man claims majority ownership

A New York man has filed a lawsuit claiming he owns 84 percent of Facebook and the money it's made since 2004.

Google investing in social gaming giant Zynga: sources

Perhaps Google was just too tired of reading about how it is becoming overthrown by Facebook, so now Google is reportedly investing hundreds of millions of dollars into one of Facebook's biggest cash cows.

Facebook launches service to protect kids online

Facebook has caved in to continued pressure from child protection groups and launched a limited 'panic button' service for teenagers in the UK.

Cerulean preps Trillian for Android

Cerulean Studios is currently prepping an Android-specific version of its popular Trillian chat app.

Are women Facebook addicts?

Hordes of female addicts across the nation are jonesing to update their Facebook statuses like unrepentant heroin junkies chasing one last ethereal fix.

Users outraged by Blizzard's "real name" policy

Blizzard, the publisher of the top online game World of Warcraft, enacted a policy this week that requires users to display their real names. As you can imagine, this isn't going over well with the "Wizard Troll"s and "Nutjob"s on the forums.

Facebook faints at sight of nipples

Those delicate little flowers at Facebook have been swooning in shock at the sight of nipples - on a porcelain doll.

Rogue Facebook app goes viral

Over 170,000 people have been tricked into clicking on a malicious link that is spreading virally across Facebook.

Facebook apps to need permission before using profile data

Facebook's really keen on privacy these days, and it's now rolled out a feature requiring outside applications and websites to make it clear to users which parts of their profiles are being shared.

Google lets users take their news more personally

Well, now we know why Google News wasn't, well, very new for four hours on Tuesday: the company had frozen the site to implement a new redesign aimed at making it more personalized.