Angry Facebook dev bashes Android

Facebook developer Joe Hewitt wants you to know that he hates absolutely everything about Android. Why, you ask?

Facebook frivolously sues start-up

Apparently Facebook thinks it is now so powerful that anyone who uses the word "book" must obviously be infringing on its copyright.

Facebook scraps IE6 support in effort to improve chat

Facebook has admitted that its Chat feature works less well than it should, and is promising a revamped version.

Coca-Cola gets easier to 'like' via Facebook RFID tag

If you're a teenager buzzing from gallons of Coca-Cola, you might find there just aren't enough hours in the day to make all the Facebook posts you'd like.

Foursquare co-founder says Facebook Places is "boring"

Oh no he didn't! The co-founder of location-sharing service Foursquare has called a new Facebook feature threatening to make his company irrelevant, a "boring" and "unexciting" competition.

ACLU dislikes Facebook Places

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Northern California is apparently not a big fan of Facebook's recently introduced geo-location app.

Another click-jacking scam hits Facebook

Yet another click-jacking scam has been spreading across Facebook, leading unsuspecting users to sign up - and pay for - a $5 per weekphone service.

Facebook is going Places...Are you?

Facebook has launched a geo-location app that allows users to easily share their location with other members of the popular social networking site.

Facebook to announce location services today?

Facebook is expected to give details of new location services later today, giving a big boost to its advertising strategy.

"Dislike" scam hits Facebook

Security researchers are warning Facebook members to avoid clicking on a link that purportedly offers users easy access to a "dislike" button.

Facebook buys a $10 million search company

Facebook has acquired online search company Chai Labs for $10 million, in one of the social networking site's more confusing buyout deals to date.

Google continues buying binge with Jambool

Not even a week after acquiring social gaming company, Google has reportedly made a deal to purchase Jambool, a largely unknown startup focused on the niche market of virtual currency.

Google Slides into home plate with social gaming acquisition

In what is by far the biggest move from Google into online gaming, the search giant has reportedly agreed to pay $182 million to acquire social game developer Slide.

Did you know Amazon powers up to 80% of social games?

When it comes to the new market of "social games," a few names always pop out - Zynga, Facebook, Farmville, EA's Playfish... but actually, one of the most important players is Amazon.

Vonage lets Facebook users call each other for free

There's a new mobile app on the iPhone and Android that lets users call their Facebook friends for free without needing to divulge their personal cell phone number.

Ceglia 'forgot' he owned most of Facebook

Paul Ceglia - the man suing Facebook because he reckons he owns most of it - clearly has a memory like a sieve.

Delhi police use Facebook to catch errant drivers

Anyone that's ever visited Delhi would probably be surprised to discover that it has traffic police at all. It does - a princely 5,000 to supervise the city's 12-million-strong population - but they still need all the help they can get.

Users now spend 23% of their online time on social networks

People are spending less time checking their e-mail, reading news and going to traditional online portals, but are spending a heck of a lot more time on Facebook and Twitter.

Researcher 'leaks' 100 million Facebook IDs

Shock, horror: loads of publicly-available data has been, er, leaked to the public on BitTorrent.

Facebook lets users question the world

Just how knowledgeable do you think the average Facebook user is? Not very, perhaps. But the company reckons that by adding everybody's expertise together, it can 'crowdsource' the answer to questions.