Is Facebook stifling democracy?

Grass-roots activists have accused Facebook of anti-democratic behavior for disabling key features on corporate boycott pages.

'Secure' social network Diaspora releases source code

A new competitor to Facebook which promises to preserve users' privacy has released its code to developers, and is promising an October launch.

New OnStar features turn your car into a global media pod

If theft protection, accident monitoring, and immediate emergency access aren't enough reasons for you to put OnStar in your car, what if it also gave you unfettered access to the World Wide Web?

Google teases new social networking features

Now that Google has acquired a small arsenal of social media companies, the search giant has confirmed that a brand new social networking platform will be launched later this year, but details are still sketchy.

Burglars used Facebook statuses to target homes

Police have arrested three men for burglarizing more than 18 homes in the Northeast, but the case ends up making the victims look more stupid than anything else.

Facebook users are narcissistic, says study

A new study has looked into the personalities and habits of the typical Facebook user and classified most of the active ones as narcissistic, though their reaction is probably, "Nuh uh. I'm better than that."

Internet users spend most time on Facebook

People are more interested in socializing than finding information, it seems, with Facebook overtaking Google as the way internet users spend most of their time.

OnStar to allow Facebook updates while driving

We all know what torture it is being unable to update your Facebook status while driving. How on earth are your friends to cope without knowing that you're stuck at a red light, say, or running a bit low on gas?

Are Facebook fiends all insecure narcissists?

In the Greek legend, Narcissus loved gazing at his own reflection. Today, according to Canadian psychologists, he'd be more likely to try and persuade others to look at him by posting constant status updates on Facebook.

Facebook activates remote log-out

Have you ever been in your school's library or a friend's house and realized, "Oh crap! I forgot to log out of Facebook"? Well apparently you're not alone.

Facebook tests 'stalk this friend' button

Facebook is reportedly testing a new feature which lets users follow a friend's every move.

Facebook gift cards coming to Target

Are you stuck trying to figure out what to get that special person as a birthday present? How about a Facebook gift card!

Facebook tells Greenpeace: 'We're just as green as you'

Facebook has told Greenpeace to get its own house in order, after the environmental campaigning group criticized the company for using non-renewable sources to power its new data center.

TweetDeck Beta Preview for Android shows promise

A beta preview of the popular social networking tool gets road tested here. Some day all TweetDecks will be built this way.

Juror expelled from case due to Facebook status

Apparently judges aren't too happy when jurors update their Facebook status to say, "gonna be fun to tell the defendant they're guilty."

MySpace bows to inevitable, syncs with Facebook

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em: MySpace has at last decided to sync with Facebook, allowing users to cross-post content and share status updates.

Social networking usage doubles among the 50+ crowd

While it's still the age group with the lowest concentration of social network users, the senior citizen crowd is starting to realize how fun Facebook is.

Foursquare manages to reach three million users

Foursquare works in conjunction with social networking services and allows users to "check in" at restaurants, stores, landmarks, movie theaters, etc, from their mobile phone. It taps into the phone's built-in location data and then broadcasts that information for the world to see.

Google buys yet another social media company, Angstro

There is no questioning Google's eagerness to catapult into the social networking arena. It has just pulled out its wallet to add another company to its growing social portfolio.

Paul Allen sues practically everybody over patents

A company owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has filed a patent lawsuit against 11 companies, including Google, Apple and Facebook.