Zynga faces class-action privacy-centric lawsuit

Privacy issues really are the new black, and Facebook is the most fashionable of the bunch. There's a brand new class-action lawsuit against social games publisher Zynga over claims it unlawfully shares private user data through Facebook.

Does Facebook care about your privacy?

Mark Zuckerberg’s social networking monster Facebook is back in the negativity spotlight once again. More questionable privacy practices have people wondering if Facebook can ever be trusted with users’ personally identifiable information.

Facebook apps leaking user data, says report

Many of Facebook's most popular apps are sharing user data with third parties, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Microsoft ramps up Bing's Facebook integration

Microsoft's made a major upgrade to Bing, adding much more integration with Facebook, in a move that could perhaps see it taking on Google properly for the first time.

Government uses social networking to infiltrate people's lives

As part of a lawsuit against half a dozen federal agencies, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)  has obtained chilling documents revealing how the government routinely monitors people online.

Facebook study shows herding instinct

A study of Facebook apps has shown that people are more likely to buy a product if it's already very popular - but that a clear winner that doesn't reach a certain popularity threshold won't benefit from this effect.

Facebook offers "one-time passwords" for extra security

If you're in the library or a school computer lab and you feel uneasy about using your real password to log into Facebook, the social networking site has a solution for you.

How to lose friends on Facebook

It's terribly sad, but it seems that the more time you spend trying to be friendly on Facebook, the more likely you are to be unfriended.

Privacy campaigners welcome Facebook Groups

As expected, Facebook's made a major overhaul of the site, in a move which has been largely welcomed by analysts and privacy campaigners.

Serial Facebook scammer fined $873M

The Quebec Superior Court has ordered a serial Facebook spammer to pay the popular social networking site a whopping $873 million.

Curious eyes and ears await big Facebook announcement

Facebook is going to announce something new today. Something big. And that's leading to all sorts of rumors floating around.

Facebook prototype facemash.com up for sale

Facebook itself may be worth quite a lot of money now - as much as $33 billion, by some counts. But for those who don't mind owning a prototype version, the site's predecessor, facemash.com, is up for sale.

Mark Zuckerberg makes a cameo on The Simpsons

As he continues to try to create a positive image for himself, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg appeared on an episode of The Simpsons in a minute-long cameo.

Facebook, Skype to bring together contacts, communication

Facebook and Skype have reportedly decided to team up together to integrate contact lists, voice and video chat, and other messaging services.

Republicans 'kicking butt' in social media

The Rebublicans are set to win in the November mid-term elections, if their Facebook and Twitter presence is to be believed.

You've joined the social network, now read the comic

We'd love to see him with his underpants on the outside of his jeans, but Mark Zuckerberg is no Superman.

Facebook dons hair shirt over worst outage in years

Facebook's revealed more details of last night's 2.5-hour outage, calling it the worst it's ever had in over four years.

Humor from users as Facebook goes down

Bet you're only reading this because your first choice activity was unavailable. Yes, Facebook really is down. And it's been reduced to using Twitter to tell users about its latest outage.

Canada closes Facebook privacy investigation... and opens another one

Canada's privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart says she's completed her review of Facebook's privacy practices - but that the company's introduced so many new features since she began that she's going to have to start all over again.

Is Facebook developing its own phone?

Facebook is denying rumors that it is planning to build its own phone - but nobody much believes it.