Zynga goes for the urban life with launch of CityVille

Let's face it, raising chickens isn't everybody's cup of tea, which is why Zynga has decided to try and appeal to more urban Facebook users with the launch of a new game, CityVille.

How many people did you unfriend today?

It's the most wonderful time of the year. No, we're not talking about Christmas. We're talking about an ingenious idea to rid the world of unnecessary Facebook friends.

New social network limits your friend list to 50

Is it really possible to have more than 50 actual, true, serious friends? The people behind Path, a brand new social networking service, don't think so and have proposed a revolutionary new way of treating your digital friend list.

Facebook "e-mail" is here, ready to kill Gmail

Facebook has officially unveiled its rumored plans to bring an e-mail service to its tens of millions of registered users. But because it's Facebook, it's doing so much more. It wants to become your centralized location for every message on every medium possible.

Facebook may be launching its own e-mail service

As it stands now, the only reason you ever need to leave Facebook is to check your e-mail. That may soon change.

Feds say it's OK to pan your boss on Facebook

Federal agency the National Labor Relations Board has launched a legal case asserting that employees have a right to free speech on Facebook.

Jimmy Kimmel sets November 17 "National Unfriend Day"

How many Facebook friends do you have? Are you one of those people who only friends people you talk to every day, or are you the kind who sends out friend requests to everyone with the same last name as you?

British Queen joins Facebook; just don't try and poke her

It's a tough life being a queen. Last week, Britain's Elizabeth II visited a salt factory and a jelly factory, as well as giving audiences to a startling number of foreign big-wigs.

RockMelt browser targets social network users

The man behind Netscape, Marc Andreessen, is funding a new browser targeted at social networking users.

Zynga friends Android, promises social mobile games

After a successful stint with its iPhone presence, social gaming giant Zynga has confirmed support for the Google mobile operating system.

Only 4% of adults use location-based services

Foursquare seems to be the new hot thing. "Checking in" to places on Facebook is a new key phrase. But how many people are actually using these kinds of services? Not a whole lot.

Facebook Places Deals offers users local discounts

Facebook's opened up its Places app to thousands of US retailers, offering Places users deals and bargains through the company's iPhone app and via touch.facebook.com.

What the US elections mean for alternative energy, Google, Facebook and Tech

The people in the US have spoken and sent a rather alarming message to the US government and that message is "you are on the wrong track."  

Most break-ups happen in December, Facebook data shows

Make the most of the next couple of weeks with your girlfriend; she may not be around much longer than that.

Facebook penalizes developers who sold user data

Facebook's taking action against the developers which it says sold user information to data brokers.

Twitter on pace to reach...200 million users by 2011

There are now 175 million users on Twitter, ranging from senior foreign diplomats to bored 13-year-old teenagers. It's because the service is able to reach across that swath of the global population that the site should exceed 200 million in just the next two months.

British bobbies trained to use Twitter

British police are being taught how to track criminals from the comfort of their own desks, using Facebook and Twitter.

Farmville invades iPad

Fresh on the heels of a class-action lawsuit being filed against it, social games publisher Zynga has launched an iPad version of its mega hit Farmville.

Amazon and Facebook help launch venture fund

A new $250 million venture capital fund supported by Amazon, Facebook, Zynga, Comcast and Liberty Media is looking for social networking startups to support.

Facebook may reveal gay identities

A study looking at the measuring of online advertising systems has thrown up the interesting fact that a feature in Facebook could be revealing users' sexuality to advertisers without their knowledge.