Facebook will NOT give its name to an HTC phone

Despite rumors circulating that an upcoming product launch from HTC would be an official "Facebook phone," the social networking site is saying categorically today that it is not in any such partnership with HTC.

Facebook gets serious about security

Facebook has announced two new security features to further protect users of the popular social network. The first is a secure HTTPS connection used to shield members throughout the Facebook experience, and not just when a password is typed.

Report: Facebook VoIP button spotted in the wild

A mysterious "VoIP button" has been spotted on the wilds of Facebook.

Report: Two Facebook phones launching next month

What has been a long standing rumor was recently confirmed by City A.M., who reports that HTC will launch two Facebook branded mobile phones next month.

Sony Ericsson is first to implement Facebook single sign-on

A Sony Ericsson phone may well end up being coined the "Facebook phone," as the manufacturer has become the first to announce all of its future Android phones will have integrated Facebook support built-in.

Oh, the irony! Zuckerberg's Facebook page hacked

Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook page was hacked last night, bringing a smile to the face of anyone that feels the company isn't doing enough to protect users' privacy.

Pay to "like" on Facebook

As Facebook swells with over 500 million users worldwide, marketers and companies stare longingly at the site, hoping to turn its super social clout into an exercise in brand recognition. Previously limited to fan pages and paid ads, Facebook announced today its "sponsored stories" feature.

Foursquare tops 6 million users

More than 381 million "check-ins" have been registered on Foursquare's social location-sharing service, as more than 6 million people now have accounts there and growth for the site is higher than ever.

Kate Middleton kicked off Facebook

An unsuspecting healthcare worker was kicked off Facebook last week - for having the same name as Prince William's fiancee. Kate Middleton, 29, discovered she'd been booted out of the site late on Thursday night after repeated unsuccessful attempts to log in. When she investigated, she found that Facebook had acted on the assumption that she had registered under a false name.

Facebook secures over $1 billion in foreign investments

Facebook has managed to secure $1.5 billion in funding after issuing an invitation to investors just a few short weeks ago. 

Jane is... in the john

Over a quarter of Facebook users admit to making status updates while they're in the bathroom, making location-based services look distinctly less appealing.

LivingSocial sells $20m in discounted Amazon cards

In the span of less than 24 hours, more than $26 million has been snatched up in Amazon.com gift cards, courtesy of a leading online coupon destination.

Facebook launches app for non-"smart" phones

Everyone's accessing Facebook on their phones these days. Well, that is, as long as they have a Droid, Blackberry, or iPhone. What about everyone else? Well, now there's an app for that too.

No piece of Facebook pie for you!

Were you one of the lucky people who received an email from Goldman Sachs asking if you’d like to invest in Facebook? Well, too bad - because that lucrative piece of FB pie is now off-limits.

California city may put mugshots on Facebook

The entire point of mugshots is basically to publicly embarrass the criminal for committing an illegal act. And if a California city has its way, that level of public humiliation will reach a whole new level.

Facebook backtracks over user addresses

Facebook - a little taken aback - has temporarily disabled a feature allowing developers to access users' home addresses and phone numbers.

Facebook gives developers access to users' home addresses

Facebook has, rather quietly, moved to allow developers to access users' home addresses and mobile phone numbers.

Facebook and Twitter help spur political change in Tunisia

After years of unpopular rule, Tunisia's President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali has been ousted from power. 

Celebrations took shape in all forms, including parties, riots in the street, and of course on Twitter and Facebook.

Facebook partners with cops and robbers

We recently reported on Facebook's nifty PR move to partner with law enforcement's Amber Alert initiative to help find missing kids.

Would you ignore your Mom's Facebook friend request?

"While you're under my roof, you'll abide by my rules," is a well-known and much hated parental mantra, but kids are fighting back with their own brand of assertiveness - by ignoring their parents' Facebook requests.