Lil Wayne sets new Facebook "Likes" record

Rapper Lil Wayne has beaten out other artists, actors, stores, and fast food items to set the record for garnering the most "Likes" on Facebook in a 24 hour period.

Facebook keeps users in 'neurotic limbo'

The more Facebook friends you've got, the more likely you are to feel stressed out by the site, say psychologists from Edinburgh Napier University.

Will Facebook buy Twitter?

Last week, rumors about Google or Facebook buying Twitter were swirling around the murky ether of the Internet. The rumor, originally reported by the Wall Street Journal, was rebuffed by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo at this week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Philly school teacher persecuted over blog post

Sometimes it feels like things we say online are protected from real-life consequences. But one Philadelphia teacher found out otherwise when she was escorted off school premises because of her personal blog.

Gemalto puts Facebook on every phone

Any phone can now be a Facebook phone, thanks to Gemalto, which has managed to embed a Facebook app into the SIM card.

Google and Facebook talk Twitter

Executives at Google and Facebook are reportedly engaged in "low-level talks" with Twitter about a possible acquisition of the micro blogging site.

INQ phone will be unofficial "Facebook phone"

So we know that Facebook doesn't want to print its name on any mobile phone, probably because it doesn't want to show favoritism and then discourage other manufacturers from implementing deep Facebook features. And that's exactly what INQ is now doing.

NLRB says it's A-ok to badmouth your boss on Facebook

All it takes is one anti-work Facebook post in the wrong hands to find yourself in your boss’ office on Monday morning with the door closed.

Facebook offices are moving

It looks like Facebook is going to have to change the address in its "Info" page, as the company is looking to buy a huge corporate campus that used to belong to computer manufacturing company Sun.

Yes, Mark Zuckerberg has a Facebook stalker

How did he not see this one coming? Yes, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a stalker who obsessively follows him on, well, Facebook.

Ambulance company settles over Facebook firing

Employers need to think very carefully before firing staff over Facebook use, following the decision of a Connecticut ambulance company to settle a wrongful dismissal case rather than continue to fight.

The story behind Facebook's real-time notification system

A few weeks ago, Facebook rolled out a new real-time commenting feature. But what the average user doesn’t realize is that it took some serious manpower to get the real-time commenting system right.

Facebook use linked to eating disorders

The more teenage girls use Facebook, the greater their chances of developing eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia.

290 million are playing games on Facebook

A high-ranking EA exec has confirmed that 290 million Facebook users play casual games on the popular social network.

Dating site steals 250,000 Facebook profiles

If you made any of your Facebook profile information publicly accessible for all to see, there's a good chance you are already a potential mate on The only problem if you've never heard of that site.

Facebook fixes another security flaw

Facebook says it's repaired a security vulnerability discovered by a pair of doctoral students at Indiana University.

Seven airlines launch free in-flight Facebook FTW

Peanuts, check. Tomato juice, check. In-flight Facebook, check? Starting today, seven major airlines are offering a month of free Facebook as part of a promotion with Gogo in-flight Internet.

Facebook hack means rethinking digital privacy

If you weren’t worried about how much of your personal information was available online before, seeing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s personal Facebook page hacked should have done the trick.

Is Facebook making us miserable?

Miserable people consistently underestimate how miserable everyone else on the planet is, and therefore feel more miserable. The main reason for feeling crappy? Facebook, of course.

Facebook fueled rage prompts girl to run over cousin, twice

In a rage somewhat reminiscent of Amy Fisher a la 1990s, a Long Island woman has been arrested for running over her cousin with a minivan after a Facebook induced catfight.