Is Ronald Reagan the godfather of Foursquare?

Technology expert Tim O'Reilly says he believes former U.S. president Ronald Reagan is the true godfather of Foursquare and other geo-location services.

Dems ask Facebook to halt dev data leaks

Four Democratic senators have asked Facebook to halt a plan that, if implemented, will allow app devs to access phone numbers and addresses belonging to members of the popular social networking site.

Commentary: People are giving up Facebook for Lent

People of a religious persuasion like to give up things that are "bad" for Lent. That means that in 2011, people are giving up Facebook to make god happy.

Foursquare reaches the next level with 3.0 update

The social geo-tagging app Foursquare has just been elevated to version 3.0 on Android and the iPhone, and brings with it a whole slew of new features that go beyond just 'checking in' at your favorite hot spots.

Beast gloats as Zuckerberg picks up poo

Yesterday, we brought you the news that many dogs have more Facebook friends than you or me. And today, we'd like to introduce you to one of these superstar animals - Beast.

Warner to stream movies on Facebook

Forget BlockBuster, Hulu and Netflix: Warner Bros. is planning to stream a variety of "rented" videos on Facebook.

Does your dog have more Facebook friends than you?

An - admittedly small - survey of 407 Facebook-using dog owners has revealed that many dogs have more Facebook friends than you or me.

Facebook launches suicide alert system

Facebook's launched a scheme in the UK to let worried users sound the alert if they think one of their friends may be suicidal.

Teenagers jailed over 'Facebook for criminals'

Two British schoolboys have been jailed for running a website that provided a forum for criminals.

Facebook acquires mobile messaging provider Beluga

Facebook's latest acquisition is an effort to improve its messaging system, as the social networking site works to improve its own message service.

Facebook to release phone numbers, addresses to third-party developers

Facebook is reportedly moving forward with plans to provide third-party developers and external websites with access to the home addresses and cellphone numbers of its members.

Facebook makes people pleased with themselves

Many things that are bad for you in large quantities can be good in moderation.

Colleges scout for students on Facebook

Could your college of choice be scouting you on Facebook? The Kaplan Test Prep center says yes, as four out of every five college admissions offices use the social network to recruit new students.

RealNetwork founder adds videoconferencing to Facebook

California start-up SocialEyes has will today demonstrate a new two-way group video chat service on Facebook.

No, the Saudi king is not buying Facebook

Dozens of middle eastern newspapers and blogs have falled for a spoof article suggesting that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is planning to buy Facebook.

What is Foursquare doing at SXSW?

Ah, South by Southwest in Austin. Dude, it's like 9 days of music, film, tattoos, pierces, moshing and body surfing. And let us not forget the uber-cool hipster tech, coded by companies like Foursquare (or is that 4square?) which will be offering...

"Breakup Notifier" Facebook app lets users prowl

If you're anything like me, the only shot you ever have at catching a woman's eye is when she's on the rebound. And that is why there's a new app on Facebook that lets users monitor whenever someone changes their relationship status from "in a relationship" to "single."

Yes, that Tweet was wicked fake

Sure, faking a screamin’ Tweet or posting a phony status update may not be as bad as well (*ahem*), faking other things. And as you may have guessed, there are legions of people who are more than ready to do so to boost their collective online images.

Egyptian man names daughter "Facebook"

Sometimes it seems like Facebook and Twitter are nothing more than sites designed for updating exactly what you ate for lunch. But recently, the social networking sites have proved themselves far more useful, helping to fuel political change in both Egypt and Tunisia.

Facebook relationship statuses go gay-friendly

If Facebook's list of relationship status options don't exactly fit you, then maybe this change will help. The social networking site has just added "In a domestic partnership" and "In a civil union," to accommodate those who cannot officially be "married."