Facebook gives advertisers access to millions of user accounts

For the last four years, Facebook has inadvertently been giving advertisers and other third parties access to user accounts and personal information.

Zynga wants to make the killer mobile app

The social games company that Facebook made a household name is pushing into the mobile market.

YouTube rolls out 3,000 new movie rental titles

Google is currently rolling out 3,000 new movie titles on its YouTube rental platform in the United States.

VH1 launches Co-Star iPad app

VH1 has launched Co-Star, an iPad app designed to engage viewers in online conversation about their favorite TV shows like Mob Wives, Saddle Ranch and Audrina.

Rumor: Microsoft takes on Facebook & Google for a piece of Skype

After postponing an initial IPO earlier this year, Skype has attracted new potential partners or buyers such as Facebook, Google, and now… Microsoft?

Facebook offers gamers virtual credits for watching ads

Facebook is reportedly testing a new feature which allows users to earn credits for watching video ads.

Report: Facebook & Google in talks to buy Skype

In a rat race to the finish, both Facebook and Google are reportedly thinking about purchasing Skype after the company delayed its initial public offering.

Facebook sued over product endorsements by minors

Another day, another Facebook lawsuit: now, the father of a New York teenager is suing the social networking site over its use of endorsements from children in Social Ads.

Report: Facebook valued at $100 billion+

Facebook has exceeded all predicted profits as reports say it’s on track to make $2 billion this year alone, revaluing the company at a staggering $100 billion or more. 

Assange says Facebook is government tool

Facebook is 'the most appalling spying machine that has ever been created', WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has told a Russian newspaper.

News of Bin Laden's death spreads via Twitter, New Yorkers take action

The energy in New York was explosive last night as news of Osama Bin Laden’s death spread like wildfire throughout the city.

Facebook pulls activists' pages over royal wedding weekend

More than 50 British protest groups are claiming that Facebook has taken down their pages over the weekend.

Analysis: Facebook’s investors looking for exits

A group of Facebook’s investors are looking to get rid of their shares. The slow death of Facebook has begun.

Feds in Detroit search Facebook for crime info

In Detroit federal investigators are getting search warrants to gain access to the Facebook accounts of suspected criminals.

Facebook launches Groupon-style deals

After Facebook launched its Check-In feature, it seemed like only a matter of time until it would partner with local business to offer discounts a la Foursquare and Gowalla.

State Department focuses on social media outreach

America.gov is no more as the State Department allocates resources from the site towards new social media endeavors.

Facebook launches "Send" button

Facebook has just rolled out a new feature that could become the new "Like" button.

Pirate Bay promotes hybrid file sharing platform

The method of distribution amongst file sharing sites is continuously evolving.

Obama & Facebook's bromance revealed at town hall meeting

President Obama has been called the prince of social media, using Facebook and Twitter as his campaigning allies. 

Popular Facebook app DoubleDown Casino adds video poker

The popular Facebook app DoubleDown Casino has added video poker to its lineup of social games.