"Facebook" & "Twitter" no longer welcome on French airwaves

The French have banned the words "Facebook" and "Twitter" on TV and radio.

Facebook contract is 'cut and paste job', says Zuckerberg

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has told a New York court that he never even discussed Facebook with Paul Ceglia, the man claiming a huge stake in the company, let alone signed a contract relating to it.

The World Knowledge Bank: The next frontier in social networking

Despite all the hype, social networking is still very much in its infancy.

Zynga launches its 'most social game' yet

Zynga, the video game maker most known for its Facebook game Farmville, has just launched an ambitious new title.

Facebook snags two former Bush aides

The hiring of two former Bush aides is expected to help Facebook accelerate its lobbying and public policy efforts on Capitol Hill.

Facebook may sign with Spotify for music streaming feature

European online music streaming service Spotify may be coming to US shores, through a deal with Facebook.

Facebook uses image-matching to remove child porn

Facebook is using image-matching software PhotoDNA to try and detect child pornography online.

Facebook hiring international lobbyists

Facebook is planning to ramp up its lobbying power with the appointment of a set of 'international directors of policy'.

Mobile gaming market booming thanks to iPhone & Facebook

Online gaming is bigger than ever thanks to Facebook and mobile devices like Apple's iPhone.  

Exclusive: Facebook shut-down likely in Pakistan

Mark Zuckerberg can breathe a little easier: the blasphemy case in Pakistan which has been hanging over his head since last summer appears to have quietly been dropped.

Aussie reporter arrested after 'stealing' Facebook photo

Beware: using a 'private' photo online is as risky as stealing a television, as one Australian reporter has found to his cost.

Twitter offers detailed permissions for third-party apps

Taking a cue from Facebook, Twitter is offering users more control over what information they share with third-party applications.

Microsoft revamps Bing search with Facebook integration

Microsoft has announced a new feature that will more deeply integrate Facebook into its Bing search engine experience.

'Dislike Button' scam sweeps Facebook

It's probably something we've all wished for at one time or another. It's all very well being allowed to express our approval of a Facebook post, but sometimes you just want to be, well, a bit more negative.

Bill would let parents control kids' Facebook pages

A new bill under consideration in California would force Facebook and other social networking sites to remove personal information on childrens' accounts at their parents' request.

Researchers find virtual possessions have a hold on teenagers

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) have found that virtual artifacts may be as important to teenagers as a favorite book that a parent once read to them.

Facebook rolls out new log-in security feature

The process of logging into Facebook just got a bit more secure and a bit more complicated... but only if you want it.

Facebook enlists PR agency in Google smear campaign

In a scandal rocking the Internet, Facebook has been accused of secretly hiring a PR company to plant negative stories about Google in a full fledged smear campaign.

BranchOut brings jobs to Facebook pages

BranchOut, the largest specialized networking service on Facebook, released its newest product yesterday, the Jobs Tab.

Will the real Mark Zuckerberg please stand up?

It's not often that the name 'Mark Zuckerberg' inspires sympathy. But spare a thought for the Indianapolis attorney of that name, who's been fighting a Kafkaesque battle with Facebook to try and prove that he really exists.