Could news badges help promote Google+?

In its quest to make the web more social, Google has launched "News Badges" to rewards users for reading and sharing links from Google News.

Facebook used to save the life of a child

Sometimes Facebook is more than just a billion dollar timewaster. Every once and a while it can be used for something more important than narcissism.

Report: Facebook bans Google+ advert

The battle between Google+ and Facebook is heating up, with FB banning one app developer for promoting his Google+ account on the popular social networking site.

Microsoft "accidentally" teases social networking app

On the heels of the recent Google+ launch, Microsoft "accidentally" published a splash page for what looks like a social application called "Tulalip" on, reports Fusible.

Google+ has 10 million members

When it comes to social media Google moves fast.

Google offers daily deals in New York & San Francisco

Groupon did it. Living Social did it. Now Facebook and Google are doing it. You guessed it! Daily deals.

Facebook blocks exporter tools for Google+

Yesterday, TG Daily covered a new tool that allows Google+ users to update Facebook from within the rival social network.

Facebook game gives winner real gold

Many popular social games require you to gather gems and various trinkets to advance further. But how would you like a Facebook game that pays the winner with real gold?

How to update Facebook in Google+

Ever since the Google+ beta launched a few weeks ago, obsessive social networkers have complained about the lack of Facebook integration preventing users from cross posting between sites. 

HTC's 'Facebook Phone' coming July 17

The device that has become colloquially known as the Facebook Phone is due to hit stores in five days.

Katango algorithm sorts Facebook friends into circles

Facebook may have an ally in the looming war with Google+ and its Circles feature, in the form of an app which arranges Facebook friends into subgroups - automatically.

Video chat - could it be Facebook's biggest mistake?

Presentation is indisputably a significant factor in how well a product is received by consumers. 

How to make video calls on Facebook

Facebook has introduced a video calling feature in conjunction with Skype that is likely to help the company maintain its already wide lead in the lucrative social networking space.

Rumor: China wants a piece of Facebook

Yes folks, you read that right. 

It seems a Chinese sovereign fund has contacted Citibank and a former Facebook employ requesting help to purchase a not so "huge chunk" of the popular social networking site.

Pearltrees wants you to broadcast web content

A new version of Pearltrees is now live for eager social curators on the 'Net.

Facebook blocking Friend Exporter plugin

Facebook is at it again. They’re giving people even more reasons to question their actions.

Is Facebook the tenth most hated company in the U.S.?

Did you know that Facebook recently weighed in at number 10 of the most hated organizations in the United States?

Facebook teaming with Skype for integrated video chat?

Just days after Google launched its Google+ social project, Facebook may be about to rain on its parade.

Zynga touts $1 billion IPO

Farmville creator Zynga has filed to raise $1 billion in an initial public offering.

Mark Zuckerberg now worth $18 billion

Although not even 30 years old yet, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been dubbed the third richest person in the tech industry.