Zynga's Words with Friends hitting Facebook

Game publisher Zynga, which rose to rockstar status after it released the Facebook adventure Farmville, has just announced its latest social offering.

Facebook snaps up iPad book publisher

Facebook's acquiring Push Pop Press, which specializes in interactive e-books for Apple's iPad and iPhone.

Software animates online photos

Researchers at the University of Washington have created a way to take a collection of photos of a person and automatically turn them into an animation.

Advertisers target social networks

Social networking has officially gone mainstream in the corporate world, with at least 80% of companies using the medium for marketing purposes.

Malaysian police arrest two over Facebook murder

Police in Malaysia said Tuesday that they have arrested two people they think beat a man to death. All because he said some mean things to one of his female Facebook friends.

Can criminals use Facebook to guess your SSN?

Facebook received some pretty heavy negative backlash after the social networking site rolled out its facial recognition photo tagging system worldwide in June.

Facebook to pay bug-finders bounty

Facebook's offering a bounty to users who discover bugs on its site.

Google+ games poised to make a splash

Perhaps you need some convincing before you'll believe Google can somehow legitimately challenge Facebook.

Report: Google+ traffic is dwindling

Only a few weeks after Google+ boasted record numbers of activations and visits, reports indicate that the brand new social networking site may already be losing some thunder.

Facebook reverses ban on Nirvana album cover

Facebook has decided that perhaps a naked baby isn't actually on par with pornography.

Facebook one ups Google+ with biz launch

After Google locked businesses out of Google+ (for now), Facebook has strategically launched an online guide describing how corporations can benefit from using the social networking site. Excellent timing if you ask me.

Winklevosses lose in court, again

The Winklevoss twins have again failed to convince a judge that, actually, they should have owned a good chunk of Facebook.

Facebook iPad app secretly revealed

An iPad-specific version of Facebook's official iOS app has been discovered.

Yes, games are on the horizon for Google+

Social games like Farmville and Mafia Wars may have been born into the Facebook revolution, but it seems as if similar titles will be a major part of Google+ as well. 

Winklevoss twins respond to Harvard pres

After being called "a**holes," the Winklevoss twins have written an amazingly long response to the president of Harvard.

Facebook ranks dead last in customer satisfaction

Why is it that the most popular kids are always the least liked?! 

Former Harvard pres disses Winklevoss twins

The Winklevoss brothers may look like they have it all, but they didn't really score any favors with the head of their university.

AmEx launches deals via Facebook "likes" & check-ins

American Express is tapping into Facebook "likes" and check-ins to send card owners relevant and local discounts based on their Facebook preferences.

Yes, Twitter is doing better than ever

Despite two of its original founders leaving, pressure from competing social sites Facebook and Google+, and a government antitrust inquiry, Twitter executive Dick Costolo says the company is doing better than ever.

NBC and Facebook to be partners in GOP debate

President Obama embraced social media as a candidate and he won the presidency. So naturally the Republican candidates in this election will use Facebook in in their quests for the big job.