The Godfather is back... on Facebook?!

With so many movies being remade and rebooted, I guess it makes sense that games based on films are coming back for a second try as well.

Reports of Facebook's trillionth page view are false

News stories about Facebook reaching a staggering one trillion page views are completely erroneous.

It's official: Facebook makes you take drugs

Everybody knows that if two things are associated, one must cause the other. Clouds lead to rain, eating dinner makes it get dark outside... oh, hang on.

Facebook optimizes privacy settings

Facebook has announced a number of "improvements" designed to make it easier for users of the popular social networking site to share posts, photos, tags and other content with a specified audience.

Miramax teams with Facebook for movie streaming app

Facebook's teamed up with Miramax to launch an app allowing users to stream movies for as little as $3 a pop.

Facebook blames algorithm for censoring activists

In case you haven’t heard, there were some alleged censorship issues with Facebook over the weekend. We can blame it on an algorithm - at least for now.

German state bans Facebook 'Like' button

The German state of Schleswig-Holstein has ordered organizations to remove the Facebook 'Like' button from their websites and shut down fan pages.

Google+ and Facebook get in the ring

Google+ and Facebook are slugging it out like two bloodied prizefighters in a virtual social networking ring. The latest incident?

Tiny company sues Zynga for patent infringement

Agincourt Gaming, a company that has just entered the social gaming space, is looking to take down its biggest competitor.

Facebook to help test 'six degrees of separation'

In 1967, the Harvard sociologist Stanley Milgram conducted the experiment that led to what's become known as the 'six degrees of separation' theory.

Facebook completely dismisses Google+

While there's been a lot of talk about the fate of Facebook now that Google+ is up and kicking, Facebook says it really doesn't care.

Google+ launches games; Facebook ups the game

As expected, Google's added games to its Google+ social networking service - and Facebook has fired right back with new gaming features of its own.

UK eyes social media kill switch

British politicians are reportedly eyeing some form of social media censorship that could be imposed in an effort to prevent future outbreaks of rioting and disorder.

Facebook launches mobile messaging app

Blackberry's mobile messaging service has come in for a lot of attention in the last few days - not all of it positive. Undaunted, though, Facebook is launching its own version.

Anonymous vows to take down Facebook

A Twitter message purporting to come from the Anonymous hacker collective says the group's planning to destroy Facebook on November 5th.

On BlackBerry Messenger and the London riots

Every time anything newsworthy happens, concerned citizens take to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, spreading text, images and videos.

Facebook claims to have proof that Ceglia contract is a fake

Facebook says it's found the 'smoking gun' that proves Paul Ceglia faked the document he says proves he owns a majority of the company.

Shagbook fights back in trademark battle

Facebook's in a trademark battle with  Shagbook, a self-styled 'adult dating site' (as opposed to a children's dating site, presumably) in the UK.

'Spamford' Wallace indicted for Facebook hack

So-called spam king Sanford Wallace has been charged with hacking the accounts of half a million Facebook users to send 27 million spam emails.

Mark Zuckerberg's sister starts own company

It appears the Zuckerberg entrepreneurial spirit will live on in another Zuckerberg.