Yahoo now shows what your friends have been reading

Yahoo has linked the US version of Yahoo News with Facebook, allowing users to share articles they've read on the news site with Facebook friends.

Facebook wants to revamp social networking

As expected, Facebook made some rather sweeping changes and additions to its popular social network today at the company's F8 conference in San Francisco.

Why I don’t really HATE Facebook’s redesign

Another day, another Facebook redesign, and cries of "I hate it!" and "Facebook, you totally wrecked my whole, like, you know, LIFE," are flooding the web. 

Analyst: Facebook needs its own OS

An industry analyst says he believes Facebook will eventually find itself coding an indigenous operating system to optimize support for mobile versions of the popular site.

College Humor invites users to first "antisocial network"

If you feel overwhelmed by all the madness surrounding Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ these days, this is for you.

Facebook to tick social boxes with live content ticker

In a move to ward off attack from Google's G+ service, Facebook is expected to launch a new live-stream ticker service on Thursday which will show what users are watching and listening to on the web.

Other sites can compete with Facebook - in Asia

Yes, there is Google+ and MySpace, but don't you ever get the feeling that Facebook is the only happening social networking site in town?

Google Propeller - a social news app

Google is hard at work creating a new way for you to view and share the latest goings-on in current events.

Facebook adds 'Follow' - sorry, 'Subscribe' - button

Facebook's swiped an idea from Twitter and has introduced a new 'subscribe' button, allowing users to focus on the news they're most interested in and also follow celebrities.

Winklevoss twins become pistachio pitchmen

Well, it may not pay the millions of dollars they sought in their Facebook lawsuit, but the Winklevoss twins have landed a new job.

Facebook improves barely-used Friends Lists

Facebook's taking another leaf out of Google's book, by introducing a feature that automatically groups friends into different circles.

Youtube founders move onto next big thing

Chad Hurley and Steve Chen are diving into their next big project on the Internet.

25% of US Web time is spent on social networks

15 minutes of every hour we spend online is devoted to social media, according to the latest research from Nielsen.

Arab Spring really was social media revolution

After analyzing more than three million tweets, gigabytes of YouTube content and thousands of blog posts, a new study has concluded that the Arab Spring truly was fueled by social media.

Twitter CEO: We have 100 million active users

Twitter now has 100 million active users, which is pretty impressive when you realize that it was a little more than half of that just earlier this year.

Pay phone nostalgia

In a funny bit of serendipity, I was talking with somebody the other day about things that make you feel old, and this person told me his young son saw a pay phone in a movie and asked, "What's that?"

Coming next month: Facebook Music

Next month, there will one more reason for everyone to stay logged into Facebook 24/7.

Facebook pays out under bug-hunter bounty program

Facebook's bug-hunter bounty program has paid out more than $40,000 in just three weeks.

Women are more active social networkers

In the United States, nearly two-thirds of Internet users have a social networking account but those who use it most often are not the typical tech adopters.

How Irene was a weak hurricane but a social media superstorm

Many people called Hurricane Irene a disappointment, many called it historic, and many more called it a dodged bullet, but the indisputable fact is that many people talked about it.