Facebook news feeds swamped with porn

Facebook's taking down a flood of violent and pornographic images that have been showing up on users' news feeds.

FTC and Facebook near privacy deal

Facebook and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are reportedly close to clinching a settlement over "deceptive practices" related to a number of features on the site, including privacy settings. 

Men likelier to fall for Facebook scams

Men are mugs when it comes to Facebook, it seems, engaging in far riskier behaviour and making themselves much more vulnerable to data theft.

Google to include Facebook comments in search results

Facebook comments will soon appear in Google search results.

Facebook likes solar power cogeneration

Facebook is teaming up with Cogenra Solar to put a solar cogeneration system in at its headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif.

Parents help kids lie to get on Facebook

Most underage Facebook users are joining the site with the full knowledge - and even help - of their parents.

Facebook admits more than half a million hacking attacks per day

Facebook's launched new security features, claiming its users are subject to as many as 600,000 hacking attempts per day.

Facebook counts 600,000 compromised account logins per day

Did you know that 0.06% of Facebook's daily logins are compromised? While 0.06% might not sound too bad, it actually adds up to over 600,000 compromised logins per day, or one every 140 milliseconds.

Mobile social networking: the latest explosion

If you're not logging onto Facebook or Twitter from your phone yet, you're quickly falling behind the times.

Facebook under investigation for holding deleted data

Facebook's facing a possible €100,000 fine from the Irish authorities for holding data that users have deleted.

Popular Facebookers have different brains

There's a direct link between the number of Facebook friends a person has and the size of particular brain regions, say researchers at University College London (UCL).

Google+ slammed by...Google engineer?

A Google engineer has publicly criticized the recently launched social networking platform on... Google+.

Walmart, Facebook team up for local deals

Two of the biggest American corporations have joined forces to bring local, relevant information to the nearly nine million Walmart Facebook fans.

Facebook launches iPad app, at last

Facebook's finally launched its long-awaited iPad app, filling a gpaing hole in its lineup, and has also improved its mobile apps.

Facebook partners with WebSense to protect users from dodgy links

Facebook's teamed up with security firm Websense to check every link users click on for malware.

FTC asked to investigate Facebook privacy

Ten privacy campaign groups have written to the FTC calling for an investigation into Facebook's use of so-called supercookies.

Facebook iPad app may make cameo at 10/4 event

In addition to unveiling the new iPhone next week, there's speculation that Apple may also finally reveal an iPad-optimized app version of Facebook.

Woman murdered over social media anti-drug lord advocacy

While most of the world is losing its head over new Facebook UI changes, social networking users in Mexico are quite literally losing theirs for sharing information online about drug cartel activity.

Google+ swells to 50 million users

It sure seems easy to build a strong social network when you're a company like Google.

Internet giants have carbon emission issues

What do Amazon, Netflix, Google and Facebook have in common?