Here are the top Facebook games of 2011

Yes, it is the end of the year so the "best of 2011" stories continue to pop up, and this time Facebook games are in the spotlight.

Facebook agrees to privacy changes after Irish audit

Facebook's agreed to make several changes to its privacy policies following the publication of a critical report from the Irish Data Protection Commissioner.

Facebook News Feed to start showing sponsored content

Just when you thought your Facebook news feed was the one online outlet where you weren't inundated by ads, Facebook is looking to change that.

How to hang onto your Facebook friends

If you're wondering why someone's unfriended you on Facebook, it's probably because you've posted something that's upset them.

Facebook threatens fake Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook has threatened to file a lawsuit against a man who recently changed his name to Mark Zuckerberg.

When it comes to Facebook apps, Android wins

The Facebook for Android app has just leapfrogged ahead of Facebook for iPhone in the number of daily active users.

Claim: Facebook is making us miserable

For most people Facebook is a fun social networking site that allows them to communicate with friends and family.

Greenpeace forgives Facebook after clean power pledge

Tis the season of peace on Earth and goodwill to all men - and Greenpeace and Facebook have finally laid down their cudgels and made friends.

Facebook Timeline exposes your entire social identity

Facebook has just launched a new tool that aims to present a clearer and more complete picture of someone based on their years of social activity.

Facebook lists 2011 top topics

Well, yesterday we discovered what people have been tweeting about all year; and today, we find that Facebook users are a shallower bunch than Twitter users.

Facebook glitch offers peek into Zuckerberg's private life

A security flaw in Facebook's image reporting tool has been blamed for the unauthorized viewing of private photos, including those belonging to site founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook acquires location startup Gowalla

Facebook has added a brand new online startup to its continuously growing library of nascent tech companies.

Google and Facebook ordered to 'de-list' websites

A federal judge in Nevada has ruled that Chanel can seize the domain names of hundreds of websites selling counterfeit goods - and has ordered internet search engines and social media networks to de-index them.

Facebook and FTC settle privacy violation charges

Facebook and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have clinched a deal to settle charges that the popular social networking site deceived users by sharing their private information.

Facebook IPO rumors draw huge buzz

Is Facebook getting ready to move into the stock market?

Facebook to inundate Ticker with "Sponsored Stories"

Deep down, we all knew it was only a matter of time.

Facebook-branded phone may finally be coming

Well, it's been rumored for a long time, but Facebook is finally getting close to launching a smartphone of its own, according to a report from All Things D.

Degrees of separation? Under five, and falling

When it comes to Facebook, it seems we're not all linked by six degrees of separation - the true figure is actually 4.74.

PayPal lets friends send each other cash on Facebook

PayPal has coded an app that allows users to send each other cash on Facebook.

How to make a Facebook-to-Facebook video call in Skype

Sure, we all know that Facebook video calling - launched in July - is powered by Skype. But now you can make a Facebook-to-Facebook video call from within Skype itself.