The rise of phubbing - aka phone snubbing

When it comes to smartphones, tablets and other mobile delights, many of us have the unfortunate tendency to behave like teenagers: prodding and poking our shiny toy to the exclusion of anyone and anything else. 

Facebook may be changing the server business for ever

A new data center in Lulea, Sweden, is an exemplar of the good Facebook is capable of. It is trying to do for hardware what Linux did for software. And it may be succeeding.

Measuring the narcissism of Facebook and Twitter users

A new study out of the University of Michigan measures the connection between narcissism and social networking site use. Guess what? it is growing.

Report: Facebook profiles raise self-esteem and affects behavior

A Facebook profile is an ideal version of self, full of photos and posts curated for the eyes of family, friends and acquaintances. Interestingly, a recent study claims that this version of self can provide beneficial psychological effects and influence behavior.

The Facebook and Yahoo CEOs: Dumb and dumber

If Facebook has a core demographic, it is probably the 12-22 year old user the platform was originally designed around. However, we’ve been hearing for some time that the above-mentioned demographic is likely tiring of the service.  

Facebook scammers target religion

Facebook scammers are increasingly trying to imitate American religious leaders and rake in some easy money.

Facebook in $1 billion buyout rumor

Global data harvesting operation Facebook is rumored to be in talks to buy an Israeli mobile satellite navigation start-up, called Waze, for as much as $1 billion.

Yes, Facebook is like a revolving door

With more than a billion active accounts worldwide, it is easy to forget that some people don't actually use Facebook.

Text messaging displaced by social net apps

Web messaging services like WhatsApp have surpassed SMS text traffic for the first time ever, according to a report from Informa.

Man tried to sell grandson on Facebook

Indian authorities have arrested a 47-year-old man who tried to sell his newborn grandson to a local businessman.

Facebook gets its knickers in a twist

Facebook is in hot water after it refused to take down a fake page which claimed to be the Aussie ambassador to the EU.

Wall Street tries to kybosh social networking privacy

Financial securities regulators are leading the charge against initiatives to prevent companies keeping tabs on employees' social media accounts, stressing that the potential for abuse takes urgency over worker privacy.

Facebook tipped to be behind mega data center buy

For a while there has been speculation as to who is building what looks to be a super data centre in Altoona.

A Facebook fan is worth $174

Ever thought you were worthless? Well, you’re not if you’re a fan of a Facebook brand. You’re worth 28 percent more than you were in 2010.

Facebook claims politician's scalp

It looks like those morons who add you to Facebook groups without your permission have managed to claim a high-profile scalp.

Facebook IPO farce hits Nasdaq bonuses

Nasdaq CEO Robert Griefield is about to get a smaller bonus this year, thanks to his brilliant execution of the Facebook IPO last year.

Intel renews efforts in server market

The maker of fashion bags, Intel, is planning to push out a lot more hardware to the lucrative server market.

Cyber tools are weapons, USAF says

The US Air Force has defended itself against evil accountants by  designating six software tools as weapons so that they can compete for scarce dollars in the Pentagon budget.

Facebook is bad for kids

Social networking site Facebook appears to have the magical power that helps kids fail in school. Kiwi researchers at Canterbury University found that the more times a kid checked the site, the more likely they were to fail in class. Psychology masters student Milesa Cepe found that nearly 40 percent of high school students who checked Facebook between 21 and 31-plus times a day either had low grades or failed.

Russia censors "suicide" websites

The Russian government has started enforcing a new law that gives it the power to block internet content deemed illegal or harmful to children.