Big eyes gave Neanderthals less room to think

Big eyes may be beautiful, but they could be what did for the Neanderthals, say University of Oxford scientists.

Frankenstein tadpoles see with eyes on their butts

In a deeply weird experiment, scientists have transplanted eyes onto the rear ends of tadpoles, and discovered that they can still see.

Brown eyes are more ‘trustworthy’ than blue

Researchers at Charles University in the Czech Republic have determined that a person’s eye color may influence how trustworthy we think they are.

12-year-old D&D fan helps out dad with research

A twelve-year-old boy is cited as an author on a paper that used Dungeons & Dragons characters to demonstrate that human beings are hard-wired to focus on eyes.

3DS could damage children's eyes, warns Nintendo

Nintendo is warning that children under six years old shouldn't use its upcoming 3DS in 3D mode.