DNA technique reveals ancient hair and eye color

Researchers have discovered that a new method of establishing hair and eye color from modern forensic samples can also do the same for ancient human remains.

Brown eyes are more ‘trustworthy’ than blue

Researchers at Charles University in the Czech Republic have determined that a person’s eye color may influence how trustworthy we think they are.

Artificial lens mimics the human eye

Researchers have created a new artificial lens, made up of thousands of nanoscale polymer layers, that's almost identical to the lens in a human eye.

Vision evolved 700 million years ago

A huge computational analysis has revealed that opsins - the light-sensitive proteins key to vision - may have evolved earlier than previously believed.

Bionic eye delivers 'flashes of light'

An Australian woman has been the first recipient of a prototype bionic eye with 24 electrodes, which has succeeded in restoring some of her vision.

Robot eye moves like the real thing

Robotics engineers have replicated the muscle motion of the human eye to control camera systems more effectively.

Autofocus could appear in Apple and Nokia phones

The developers of the world’s smallest autofocus lens for mobile devices say Apple and Nokia are considering introducing it.

Blocking microRNAs may prevent degenerative eye disorders

Medical researchers have discovered that laying the smackdown on DNA’s cousin - RNA - might help put a stop to the development of degenerative eye disorders.

3D gaming arrives on the iPad

Want to play 3D games on your Apple iPad? Well, a Florida-based company - aptly named 3D Eye Solutions - will allow you to do just that.

Sony Move set to hit US shelves in September

Tired of playing with your Wii? Well, don't worry - Sony's Playstation Move is set to hit US shelves on September 19th.