Future steps: exoskeleton lets paralyzed snowmobiler walk again

Robotic exoskeletons are a staple of sci-fi, pointing to a future where technology can overcome serious injury and bestow superhuman powers on people. But that future is here today for Paul Thacker, who uses an exoskeleton about once a month to stand up and walk around — no small feat, considering he's paralyzed from the chest down.

Bees' electrical fields form social networks

Bees use the electric fields that build up on their body to communicate without the need for mobile phones.

New exoskeleton is lighter and cheaper

Vanderbilt engineers have developed an exoskeleton for people paralyzed below the waist that they say is more compact and cheaper than existing versions.

NASA exoskeleton to give astronauts a boost

A robotic exoskeleton developed as a spin-off from NASA's Robonaut 2 project could help astronauts stay healthier in space, and paraplegics walk.

Video: 3D printed exoskeletons hint at a DIY future

The Pentagon has conducted an enormous amount of research over the years to develop exoskeleton suits that can be used to help soldiers carry weapons and gear.

Paraplegic student walks to receive diploma

Fifteen thousand people cheered as graduating senior Austin Whitney walked up to UC Berkeley chancellor Robert Birgeneau on Saturday for the university's commencement ceremony.

Scientists invent brain-controlled Iron Man suit

Were you are one of those people who bought Happy Meals back in the day simply to collect the Transformers toy? 

Do your favorite movies include Iron Man and Iron Man 2?

New bionic legs unveiled to help paraplegics walk

Berkeley Bionics has launched a bionic exoskeleton aimed at civilian use, aimed at helping paraplegics walk again.

Raytheon fires up second-gen Exoskeleton

Raytheon has completed development of its second-gen combat Exoskeleton, which is significantly lighter, faster and stronger than its predecessor.

Bionic legs allow wheelchair-bound to walk

A New Zealand company has developed the world's first robotic legs, enabling a man who'd been in a wheelchair for five years to walk again.

Raytheon designs Iron Man exoskeleton

A team of scientists and engineers at Raytheon are designing an advanced military robotic suit that could eventually be worn by US troops on future battlefields.