Exorcist, the mini-series?!

True horror fans have been dreading this day, but I guess it was as inevitable as Halloween getting remade.

Prometheus gets its R, Exorcist director NC-17

There was certainly some concern in recent weeks that the upcomig sci-fi thriller Prometheus might just be rated PG-13 instead of R. 

Exorcist director battles the ratings board

It's funny how the MPAA works. When William Friedkin made The Exorcist back in the early 70's, it went through and got the R even with its nuclear obscenities, the crucifix scene, and many other intense moments. 

Please don't make these movies in 3D

Yeah, sure, movie-lovers are clamoring for 3D versions of Iron Man in 3D, along with virtually every movie that has “Star” in its title, or Keanu Reeves in its credits.