The absolute power of metal covers

There were certain common denominator bands we all listened to before any of us ever heard the term "The Big Four."

Van Halen - the truth hits the charts

In today’s music biz, having a hit on the charts can mean even greater success than before, especially considering nobody’s actually buying music these days. 

Celebrating the glory days of thrash metal

As a young metalhead, the mid-eighties were a really exciting time for me. Speed/thrash metal was an exciting sound, bringing in the anger and velocity of punk, taking the music into brave new territory.

Rights groups up in arms over anti-gay app

Apple's coming under fire from gay rights groups over an app that claims to be able to 'cure' homosexuality.

Strong winds could have parted Red Sea for Moses

A new computer model has indicated that the parting of the Red Sea could really have taken place - if the winds were right.