Exercise device protects astronauts' bones

NASA scientists say they've finally made progress in protecting astronauts' bone strength from the damage caused by space flight.

Active video games don't, erm, make kids active

Giving children active video games does nothing to increase the amount of exercise they get, new research has shown.

Apple wants you to share your workout data

If you frequent the gym, I'm sure at one point or another, you must have looked over and seen someone using the same piece of equipment or doing a similar exercise.

Report - exercise can help alleviate depression

Researchers at the UT Southwestern Medical Center have concluded that moderate and intensive exercise may be just as useful as prescribing a second drug for depressed patients.

The $8000 Elliptical Machine Office Desk set

Sometimes there are developments in technology that give you hope for the future. This is one of those developments.

Spies get new exercise regimen … for their brains

The intelligence community has a new workout regimen from an unlikely source: social science. Yes, intelligence analysts will now have to engage in mental gymnastics.

DHS launches massive cyber attack simulation

The Department of Homeland Security will today kick off its third major exercise testing the nations resopnse to cyber attack.

American Heart Association gets into games product endorsement

Maybe persuading people to get outdoors and play real sport is just too much hard work - the American Heart Association has announced it's to work with Nintendo to promote 'the benefits of active-play video games'.