Ancient humans interbred with other species

Our ancient human ancestors interbred with other early hominids as well as Neanderthals, new research indicates.       

Science Center settles lawsuit over anti-Darwin movie

The California Science Center Foundation has settled a legal dispute with a creationist organization over its decision not to screen a documentary promoting intelligent design.

Photos suggest fish are capable of using tools

Imagine diving in Austrlia's Great Barrier Reef only to see a fish...using a tool.

Scientists say sex is key to evolution

Worms conceived via sexual reproduction are apparently endowed with a bolstered immune system that helps the creatures fight off deadly parasites.

Human evolution much slower than supposed

Human beings are evolving much more slowly than previously believed, new research shows - maybe at just a third of the rate.

Evolution won't save us from climate change

Animals and plants may not be able to keep pace with climate change by evolving, a UC Davis study suggests.

Tennessee wants to equate creationism with evolution

The debate about evolution versus creationism (or intelligent design) has raged for years and is unlikely to end any time soon. 

Simple marine worms distant relatives of humans

It appears that vertebrates have some distant relatives they didn’t previously know about. New research says that complex species such as humans and starfish are related to two species of lowly marine worms.

'Jumping genes' revise view of evolution

The 'tree of life' model of evolution may turn out to be more tangled and overgrown than thought.

High school biology teachers refuse to teach evolution

High school biology teachers need more training to, um, help them understand and thus believe in basic tenets of biology.

2010: a good year for creationists

The National Center for Science Education (NCSE) is warning that creationists are increasingly attacking the science curriculum to get their sweet but bonkers ideas accepted as fact in schools.

Humans descended from 'sewage bacteria'

Oh dear, oh dear. A week or two ago, I found myself on a city street listening to a very cross man on a soap-box explaining that evolutionary theory couldn't possibly be correct, as he remembered his grandfather and his grandfather wasn't a monkey.

Darwin's predecessor 'more accurate on evolution'

Charles Darwin's theory of gradual evolution isn't supported by geological history, a New York University geologist claims.

Malarial mosquitoes turning into new species

Two strains of the mosquito responsible for most malaria transmission in Africa are evolving into different species, meaning that techniques to control them may work on one type but not the other.

Christine O'Donnell wants to kill the witch

Christine O'Donnell says she wants to kill the witch. No, the Delaware GOP Senate nominee wasn't talking about putting a hit on the broomstick wielding Nancy Pelosi.

Sperm gene hasn't changed in 600 million years

If it ain't broke, don't fix it, they say - and there's no doubt you lot seem pretty pleased with the stuff. And now scientists have discovered that the human sperm gene has survived for 600 million years, unaltered.

Tibetans evolved quickly to deal with altitude

Tibetans' adaptation to high altitude took place over less than 3,000 years, a new genetic analysis shows, in what was the fastest shift in human evolution yet discovered.

Ardi wasn't human ancestor, says team

A team of scientists says that habitat evidence shows that Ardipithecus ramidus - claimed last year as the earliest human ancestor - was nothing of the sort.

Team uses whole islands to test survival of the fittest

For some people, fruit flies and a tank just aren't enough. Two Dartmouth biologists have been using whole islands in the Caribbean to investigate evolution in lizards.