Staring at a new Evil Dead

As most of you in geekville probably know by now, a reboot, reimagining, or whatever you want to call it of Evil Dead is slowly taking shape.

Lead roles cast, recast for Evil Dead remake

We recently reported that the lead role in the Evil Dead remake had been filled. The protagonist for the new version of the classic film is female, a rather interesting change from the original script.

Lily Collins to play Evil Dead’s new ‘Ash'

Many fans are railing against Sam Rami and Bruce Campbell’s decision to remake the classic Evil Dead which they teamed up for nearly thirty years ago.

Why the new Evil Dead is ditching Ash

One detail of the upcoming Evil Dead film that has fans scratching their collective heads is the salient absence of Ash, the protagonist of the original film.

Sam Raimi passing the Evil Dead torch

It's been close to twenty years since Sam Raimi's made an Evil Dead movie, and horror fans have wanted a new Dead installment for a long time now.