Google could land up in the Tower of London

A committee of the House of Commons summoned a Google executive to give testimony again today and raised the possibility that the corporation might find itself in contempt of parliament.

Ecuador: US WikiLeaks extradition would be "evil"

The Ecuadorian government is reportedly attempting to prevent the "evil" extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to the United States. 

Welcome to Twilight - the religion

We all know Star Wars fans take the Force quite seriously, with some even defining their Jedi beliefs as a full-fledged religion.

How evil became optional at Google

I’ve been reviewing the Google timeline in an attempt to determine if the accusations about the search engine giant stealing Android from Apple hold up.  

It won’t stay dead: Microsoft's talking paper clip returns

Microsoft must have a really sick sense of humor because they have announced that they are bringing back the much-hated talking paper clip.

Google mobs Mobile World Congress

Google "hearts mobile" was the message delivered by the firm’s CEO at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.