Get used to heat waves: Extreme El Nino events to double

Extreme weather events fuelled by unusually strong El Ninos, such as the 1983 heatwave that led to the Ash Wednesday bushfires in Australia, are likely to double in number as our planet warms.

Scientist finds evidence of pre-Big Bang events

A leading Oxford University cosmologist says he has been able to observe the effects of cosmic events that preceded the Big Bang.

Facebook upgrades internal search engine

Facebook has introduced a new feature that allows users to quickly search and connect with people, pages, groups, events and applications.

Sun Q4 profit falls 73%

Sun Microsystems' profit plunged 73% in the most recent quarter as slumping sales to big U.S. companies and restructuring charges weighed on the server and software maker. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company also revealed plans Friday to expand its stock buyback program by $1 billion, a sign Sun believes its shares, which have fallen by 50% over the last nine months, are undervalued and poised to rebound.

ASUS predicts the need for five billion cheap PCs by 2011

Taipei (TW) – During annual DRAM eXchange conference, Samsung Ho (General Manager of ASUS EPC division) held a presentation that brought some interesting figures to limelight. He argued the case of several researchers that claim how Low-Cost PC's (LCPC) will have limited impact on market with brave predictions, even citing future shortage of components for building low-cost PCs, which might cause spike in prices of those products.

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