eVe is a slick solar-powered racing car

As the day to the beginning of the World Solar Challenge this October draws near, an increasing number of college teams competing in the 3000 km (1864 mile) race across Australia are unveiling their entries.

Eve is a slick, sleek EV racing car

When we normally think of electric race cars we envision ones used for traditional racing around a track in a competition designed to generate a winner from a crowd of competitors. 

Solar flares emit more radiation than thought - and one's due to hit tomorrow

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory has discovered new characteristics of solar flares - with great timing, as one's due to hit Earth tomorrow.

Lulz Security fires a DDoS salvo at online gamers

The online gaming world is reeling following a Tuesday filled with non-stop DDoS attacks against a number of industry heavyweights.

Nvidia's Tegra 2 powers Eve tablet demo

CCP Games recently showcased an "exploratory project" it conducted with Nvidia to run a mobile-specific version of Eve on Tegra 2-powered tablets and smartphones.

Is this the future of Eve?

CCP Games has debuted a rather impressive trailer depicting its future vision of a comprehensive Eve universe.