Toyota lowers expectations for electric vehicles

Toyota has invested a massive amount of R&D in an effort to accelerate the development of hybrid drivetrains for automobiles.

Ford takes on Toyota's Prius with C-Max hybrid

Ford has been spending quite a lot of time and money ramping up its green vehicle fleet.

EV super-battery could be graphene's latest trick

Elon Musk has said the big breakthrough in electric vehicle energy may arrive with improved supercapacitors, not batteries.

This folding car will sell for $16,000

Tiny little city cars aren't particularly common in the United States, at least not yet.

GE wants a more efficient motor

General Electric (GE) has been working to create a more efficient electric motor for battery-powered EVs and hybrid vehicles.

Video: Green QBEAK is a long-range EV

I've often said that electric vehicle designers typically have questionable taste.

Electric cars: How much does size matter?

With rave reviews for its new sedan and visitors to its small collection of flagship stores numbering in the millions, Tesla Motors is riding high.

Tesla designer tips BMW 3-series rival for 2015

Tesla originally kicked off production of its electric vehicle line with the Roadster and only recently began selling its Model S four-door sedan.

MyCar low-speed EV debuts at $15,500

The world of low-speed electric vehicles you can roam your neighborhood in has expanded over the past few weeks.

Japanese researchers charge EVs - through vehicle tires

Bringing EVs to mainstream consumers is a challenge the auto industry has yet to overcome.

Electric cars slow you say? Not so, says new Audi record

Racing track records are made to be broken, right? Is it even better if it is a high-performance, all electric sports car that does it?

This Nissan Leaf charger powers homes

Electric vehicles typically slurp power from home electrical systems and the grid.

Nvidia Tegra drives Tesla Model S UI

We've spent a lot of time here on TG Daily discussing various aspects of Tesla's Model S electric vehicle, including electric powertrain, driving distance and availability.

Ford rolls out dedicated Focus mobile app

Ford has gone big-time with in-vehicle technology over the last several years, packing its cars with Sync, MyFord touch and more.

Chinese amateur inventor creates his own EV

China's economic boom has brought with it a craze for new inventions. Television shows and blogs feature the ideas of amateur inventors from across the vast country.

2012 Tesla Model S is ready to roll

There is certainly quite a bit of anticipation building up for Telsa's 2012 Model S electric vehicle (EV).

Visio.M MUTE EV is cheaper and lighter

According to a consortium of European automotive industry engineers, government officials and academics, the current crop of electric vehicles (EVs) now on the market could be better — a lot better.

Tesla Model S could land 265-mile EPA driving range

The driving range of an electric vehicle is perhaps one of the most important factors in determining which EV a consumer will ultimately buy.

Claim: Tesla Model S offers 320 miles on a single charge

The Tesla Model S electric vehicle first broke cover last year at a base price of $49,900, with a driving range tipped at 160-300 miles.

Brammo revs electric Empulse motorcycle

Electric motorcycles can be crazy fast, as we saw earlier this week with an electric drag bike that hit over 200mph in under 7 seconds.