The Mahindra e2o is an $11,000 EV

A cheap electric car, at least by American standards, that doesn’t feel and act like an over-glorified golf cart?

Obama's $2 billion EV plan

Following up on an idea raised in his State of the Union address in January, President Obama on Friday proposed that the U.S. spend $2 billion in federal revenues from oil and gas leases in the next 10 years on a wide range of research and development initiatives aimed at reducing the country’s reliance on petroleum for transportation.

Video: Toyota i-Road is an EV-motorcycle hybrid

Earlier this month, Toyota was on hand at the Geneva Motor Show to showcase one of the strangest concept vehicles in any booth at the show.

Toyota rolls out I-Road EV

Toyota, at the Geneva Auto Show, recently unveiled a rather unique new all-electric, three wheel "personal mobility device" which looks like something out of a futuristic movie.

Volar-e racer is the sexiest EV - ever

I've always thought one the most attractive electric vehicle on the market is the Tesla Model S. True, the Tesla is undeniably slick, but the Volar-e EV racecar makes the Model S look like a wallflower.

Mitsubishi preps new hybrid and EV

Mitsubishi Motors has trailed behind most other automakers in terms of electric car and hybrid development.

XI is a tricked-out road warrior EV design

The mission of the Hampshire College Lemelson Center in Amherst, Mass. is to help drive students to art, design and innovation for social change via working in the areas of applied design, appropriate technology, social entrepreneurship and art & technology.

Visio.M wants to be a better electric vehicle

There’s new news in Germany about an interesting electric car project under development by a consortium of European automotive industry engineers, government officials and academics that aims to make future EVs better in every way - cheaper, lighter and safer.

Mitsubishi in massive EV recall

Mitsubishi Motors, in what looks to be one of the largest electric vehicle recalls ever, plans to bring 14,700 vehicles back to the shop in a worldwide move to fix a braking issue.

VĂ©LV is a three-wheel EV

French automaker Peugeot Citroën, as part of a push deeper into green car technologies, recently unveiled a new lightweight urban electric vehicle called VéLV.

EV's to patrol Chinese city

Are electric vehicles ready for prime time for law enforcement?

Understanding the impact of electric cars on the grid

As more electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids hit the streets, one of the challenges will be managing the power grid requirements for these cars when they are having their batteries recharged at all hours.

Electric vehicles recruited for military base grid security

Can electric vehicles help protect a military base from power disruptions? Well, maybe not entirely, but they could help make a base microgrid secure.

BMW i3 concept coupe - zeroing in on an EV

BMW, taking another step toward selling electric cars under its i brand sometime later next year, is showcasing its latest concept vehicles at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Video: A closer look at Ford's EV+ hybrid vehicle tech

Ford recently introduced a new feature that allows drivers of plug-in hybrid vehicles to achieve more electric-only driving distance.

US smart electric fortwo EV to sell on the cheap

Daimler's mini-car division smart recently announced it will soon begin selling what it calls the most affordable production electric vehicle in the US.

Why you must charge your EV with clean power

It's a no-brainer that it's better to charge electric vehicles with clean energy rather than the dirty stuff.

Nissan showcases self-driving car with LTE tech

Self-driving cars are becoming increasingly common, with Google-powered autonomous vehicles a popular sight on certain California highways.

Toyota showcases Smart Insect concept car

Toyota's latest concept car is dubbed the Smart Insect and is somewhat reminiscent of a Smart car, if only a tad smaller.

Mercedes gull-wing goes electric

When electric cars first started generating buzz, I couldn't help but wonder if they heralded the end of performance automobiles.