How to control EV charging costs

What is the optimal way to charge electric vehicles that will keep the costs associated with electricity down? Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University may have found one possibility, optimally varying the charging speed of plug-in electric vehicles to cut the electricity cost in half and make it ultimately much more affordable to own one of these forms of green transportation.

Yamaha EV hits 100 mile range

Yamaha, besides showcasing at the recent Tokyo Motor Show five electric, two-wheeled vehicles described as reference/prototype models, also unveiled it is working with noted car designer Gordon Murray on an ultra compact electric vehicle concept known as MOTIV.e.

800+ miles on a single EV battery charge?!

Records are meant to be broken, no doubt about that. This includes electric vehicle records, and word out of Japan is the world record for distance traveled by an electric vehicle on a single charge may now have been broken (though there’s a little confusion on this at first glance – see below), courtesy of a team which includes a noted Japanese rally driver who was the first from his country to win the world’s most famous endurance race known as the Dakar Rally.

Kia Soul EV Range? At Least 120 Miles

Kia Motors has released more details about its forthcoming electric drivetrain offering of the Soul. The company had originally announced last month plans for an electric vehicle version of its popular urban styled ride to debut in 2014.

Tesla clinches EV battery deal with Panasonic

Tesla Motors, in a move which shows aggressive growth plans, inked a deal this week with Japanese giant Panasonic to expand the latter’s supply of automotive-grade lithium-ion battery cells to the electric vehicle manufacturer. This expansion targets nearly 2 billion cells over the course of four years.

EV car sharing hits Japan

Nissan in Japan has embarked upon an ambitious new car sharing service said to be that nation’s first with ultra-compact electric vehicles. The auto company has teamed up with the city of Yokohama in this service, focused upon the downtown core area and what such an offering can do to help ease congestion.

i-Robot SC EV is a like a souped-up Segway

The recently completed Interbike trade show in Los Vegas, Nevada showcased many related personal mobility offerings. One of those drawing some attention from the more technology focused lovers was Shanghai New Century Robot which, under its X-Robot label, showcased a two-wheeled transporter known as the i-Robot SC.

EVs used for power during Colorado floods

In case you haven’t been paying attention to the news, it rained in Colorado last weekend. Normally, this isn’t a newsworthy event, but it just so happens that we got about 3 months worth of rain in 48 hours. Rain that fell on mountain forests still scorched and bare from this summer’s wildfires. The result was catastrophic flooding along the Front Range.

Toyota touts Winglet EV

Japan seems a bit like an electric vehicle playground and testing lab for the automakers over there. You’ve already got Honda and Nissan field testing micro electric cars in conjunction with partners for study of how they perform under various real world scenarios, and now Toyota is in on the act as well.

New electric car charging station doubles capacity

ChargePoint – which claims to have the largest network of independently owned electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in the world – just launched its CT4000 Series. It is designed to address two major issues – the cost of installation and the growing demand for charging spots. We are all for EVs. Yay environment!  

EV charging units hit the home

In 2010, electric vehicle (EV) charging company Ecotality first introduced Blink, its line up of Level 2 EV charging units for the home and business. Now the company is offering two new EV chargers through its Blink HQ suite.

California EV drivers eye extended range

Californians like their electric vehicles, but a significant minority do wish their cars could go farther without having to be plugged in. That was the conclusion by the California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE), which did a study as part of the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project.

Smart ForTwo EV to hit US roads

The smart electric fortwo – billed as the least expensive electric vehicle on the U.S. market – is making its way to dealership, Mercedes-Benz USA said this week, with an interesting twist: You can buy the car without a battery if you want to.

New Volvo EV charger clocks in at 1.5 hours

Siemens is one of the world’s largest electronic and engineering firms. Volvo is well known for its safe cars.

Tesla upgrades its flagship Model S EV

Tesla Motors recently unveiled some new options around its popular Model S electric sedan which could end up helping the vehicle get into the hands of even more would be drivers.

Eve is a slick, sleek EV racing car

When we normally think of electric race cars we envision ones used for traditional racing around a track in a competition designed to generate a winner from a crowd of competitors. 

Chevy Spark EV clinches EPA 82 mile range

GM has some good news to share today around its upcoming Spark EV, wich will go on sale this summer in California and Oregon around $25,000 after tax incentives.

Edison2 VLC 4.0 hybrid wants to redefine the auto industry

In 2010, Lynchburg-based Edison2 won the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize with its Very Light Car (VLC) concept.

Twin’Z is Renault's new EV

Renault, in planning what kind of future urban cars it might unveil in key markets, recently showcased the Twin’Z as its fifth iteration of its new design strategy.

Japanese SIM-Cel is a slick EV prototype

SIM-Drive in Japan, a coalition of 34 different companies tasked with creating a Japanese, all-electric prototype vehicle, announced recently it was now on the third iteration of its vision.